A little while ago, I was talking to a friend about my experiences in 2013 in regards to an out-of-body visit from Prince. It was during the night when I was in bed and suddenly felt a masculine energetic presence. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced, but I wasn’t scared because I felt the love. He floated above me and then into me. My friend had suggested to me that I look into that was happening to Prince during 2013. The only thing I knew was that he did not release an album that year.

Today, I found out that he played at the Montreux Jazz Festival that year, and he played a song called Breakdown. This would have been a brand new song at the time, as it was not released on an album, until 2014 on Art Official Age. The first time I ever heard this song, I cried. I felt his sorrows, I felt his regrets. And I felt his soul growth. I watched the video of this performance and he told me that he felt my pain and everything I had gone through at the time.

In early 2013, I had an emotional breakdown. There was a relationship break up with no explanation, just a text message saying his final goodbye. In addition to that, I had a realization that nothing in my life seemed to be going right. I had always tried my very best to make things happen for myself. I was unhappy in my career direction and I didn’t know what I was going to do. I spent a week in bed crying. But out of all this, I learned to be free, because I learned to surrender to God.

That summer, I experienced spiritual breakthroughs and developed a deep understanding for myself. I remember moments where I kept seeing white feathers blowing in the wind. One time I was in the car with my mother with the windows rolled down, and a single white feather gently floated through my window and out hers as we were having an deep conversation. That was the summer I picked up a Numerology book and learned to read people.

Hearing Prince perform this song made me realize that this song is really our  twin souls merging.  In this song he talks about his regrets and the lessons he’s learned as a result in his soul growth. This soul growth comes from breaking down the ego and realizing the spiritual. As the spiritual part of us emerges, awareness of our soul connection grows.

There were some lines in here that had me guessing as to what he meant by them, so I asked him, and he answered. Here is the video of the performance, the lyrics and my interpretation with guidance from Prince in spirit. Note that there is slight variation in the lyrics towards the end of the song.


Listen to me closely as the story unfolds
This could be the saddest story even been told
I used to want the house with the biggest pool
Reminiscent now I just feel like a fool Keep breaking me down, down, down
Keep breaking me down, down, down
Keep breaking me down, down, down
Keep breaking me down, down, downI used to throw the party at the New Year’s Eve
First one intoxicated, last one to leave
Waking up in places that you would never believe
Give me back the time, you can keep the memoriesHe expresses a sense of foolishness about the things he used to value. He had placed too much value on material things  as exemplified by the line mentioning “the house with the biggest pool”. He used to throw lavish parties where he acted senselessly. He wishes that he hadn’t wasted his time on these things.Keep breaking me down, down, down
Keep breaking me down, down, down
Keep breaking me down, down, down
Keep breaking me down, down, downEvery book I’ve read said that I would meet somebody like you
Whenever I was sorry, so sorry for the things I used to do
A journal full of numbers that I used to go through
(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) all behind me now, all because of youThe “every book I read” refers to the fairy tale type stories where you meet your ideal counterpart. “Journal full of numbers” refers to a proverbial list of things he desired to have. These things he no longer desires because he found wholeness in spirituality.

Keep breaking me down, down, down
Keep breaking me down, down, down
Keep breaking me down, down, down
Keep breaking me down, down, down

You keep breaking me, you keep breaking me down
I don’t wanna walk out
Don’t wanna go down, down, down

See there’s a door that you can walk through
Where there used to be a wall
I don’t care, it’s cool as long as you catch me baby
(Catch me when I fall) If there’s ever a fall
Closer to the breakdown, the closer we get

The “door” that he’s referring to is dematerialization, the breaking down of the physical realm to get to the spiritual. The breaking down of the ego. In these lines he is speaking to his twin soul, his divine counterpart who gets him through his spiritual progression. The more his spirituality grows, the closer his connection to her becomes.

I found that this entire album was showing a lot of Prince’s spiritual growth. There’s a very interesting undying concept in the album itself. This album is really talking about his mission for incarnating on Earth and then his leaving.

Image above: “Self-portait with Prince” by Andrea Mai.

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