Since I started to make long audio recordings of my activities, I have uncovered bits and pieces of what existence might be like in the spirit world. Normally in EVP, we are looking to hear speech spoken by spirits. One would not expect other kinds of sounds. As I would audit mr recordings, I would find sounds that were definitely not there at the time of recording. In my observation, sometimes sounds are like an extended expression of what they are wishing to convey. It is kind of like how we have emoticons for text messages. What they express can also come with sound effects. Other times, I found that the sounds are coming from the activities they are engaging in. Capturing these on recording has helped to paint a picture of what life is like over there.

The following EVPs are soundbites I got in my recordings that exemplify the sorts of sounds I have captured. I think these are quite clear, but depending on what you are using to listen on, you may need to use headphones to hear them properly. The clips are repeated on loop.

This clip was recorded on September 28, 2018 at a Winners department store. This is Prince saying, “I’m blowing bubbles”, and you can hear the sound of bubbles.

These next few clips were recorded on October 2, 2018. In this clip, we were at a buffet. When we first walked in the restaurant, there was a fire alarm ringing. The waiter assured us it was a false alarm and we took a seat. This clip took place when the alarm ring had been turned off. The spirits were were having conversations among themselves, and this one mentioned “Alarm”, and there was a sound of a single alarm ring.

During the recording of this clip, I was getting food. On the EVP, I found the sound of “drumming” on counter tops and dishes.

I recorded this clip in the dining room area. When reviewing the recording, I found out that Prince’s dog, Mia was with us. She barked once, and it was very clear and loud!

This clip was recorded o October 4, 2018. I was in a supermarket near the refrigeration produced section. You can hear a bird singing very clearly. If you listen carefully, you can hear P saying “Bird in here”.

In this clip at the supermarket, I heard the sound of a paper bag and then a popping sound. You can hear the words “Popping corn“. It appears that someone was making popcorn and giving it to the other spirits.

In my observations, the spirit world seems to overlap over our reality. They seem to be able to see and hear what’s going on here, but they also have things that are happening over there that we cannot see.  Their “time” is filled with actives we are simply not aware of. I assure you, they are not alone, unless they want to be. They are having a fun time amongst themselves.

Image above: “Stockholm dog” by Andrea Mai.

©2018 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.