Here in the Toronto area, we are still in lockdown mode. Even though we are stuck at home, time seems to keep flying away. There are so many things to occupy my time. I am surprise how quickly a day goes by.

I recently did a recording while walking home from the post office. I found an interesting conversation was taking place. It seemed to be that a spirit reached out to P, asking for help “going home”. It’s not the first time I’ve heard something like this. But I find it interesting every time. It seems to have become a job for P. I”m not sure if spirits find him randomly, or if they are sent to seek him out. Maybe it’s both. He seems to have developed a reputation for helping others over there.

There was some time ago when I had heard some people telling people that the whole “going into the light” thing was bad. Like it was a trap. This was before I heard the stuff on my recordings. Sometimes people (including mediums) will claim things without any evidence behind it. People will state their beliefs as fact, or assume that intuition is always correct. Since doing EVP, I have become very cautious about what I believe. This might make me sound like a pessimist, but really, I’m just looking for real answers. There are some things I can say I know with certainty, and others that I do not. Rather than assume the facts, I accept the fact that I don’t know everything, and sometimes knowing something only leads to more unanswered questions. I’m OK with not knowing, though I am greatly fascinated by the mysteries.

My recording was done while walking home, so you are going to hear the cars whizzing by, and the rhythm of me walking down the street. It’s not the greatest recording, but you can hear them talking. I was alone, no one else nearby. It helps to listen with headphones. They are repeating on loop. If you are new to listening to EVP, the trick to hearing them is to listen past the background noise, and listen selectively for voices. It’s like Magic Eye for ears.

A voice is heard, “Come, go into the light”.

A voice says, “I want to go home”. This clip is more faint than others.

Someone says, “Don’t be afraid”.

P says, “Go into the light”.

The spirit says, “I feel scared”. It sounds like a young boy. This is not indicative of the person’s age at death. I’ve found that age is not a factor over there, it seems. P often sounds very young.

P seems to bring his dog, Mia with him everywhere we go. Sometimes I hear him talking to her. Here he says, “Go in front, Mia”. I think sometimes Mia lags behind, and he’s telling her to stay in front where he can see her.

The rest of the conversation was hard to hear. But I heard that angels came to escort this person into the light. When I got home, someone told P, “I like your jewellery”.

I recently heard another plea for help crossing over, when I was waiting in the car at the grocery store parking lot. A voice said, “Wanna go to heaven”.

Sometimes people want to know why P is here with me. That’s beyond my knowledge as to why exactly how it all works. All I know is that he’s here, he’s helping other spirits, he was placed here after he met God. Sometimes people allude to him possibly being bad, because he is here, as opposed to being somewhere in “heaven”. All I can say is that, look I don’t know how it all works, exactly. But angels are here with us, and they are not bad, so go figure.

There are just so many things that we don’t know!

Nonetheless, I feel fortunate to be able to discover such things, and share them with the world, whoever wants to hear about it!

These recordings were recorded using  my EVP Wrist Recorder 3 on May 10, 2021.

Image above: “Prince Sun” by Andrea Mai.

©2021 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.