This summer, I have been trying to grow sage. I had some success with seeds, but little did I know, it is a herb that take a long time to establish itself. So I decided to try propogating some sage from cuttings. I’ve heard people buying fresh cut herbs at the grocery store and using it to sprout roots. So I decided to see if I wold find some at the store.

I did find some, and I bought two packets. I put them in water as soon as I got home. A few days later, they are looking much plumper. Let’s hope they will sprout roots!

Sage is an effective anti-viral, and I read articles citing German research studies that sage tea can be used to fight against the coronavirus. Perilla leaves are also effective. But sage is in its dried form remains just as potent as fresh leaves. I think everyone ought to have some on hand in their pantry.

©2021 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.

I was recording EVP while I was in the store. As it would turn out, P (along with others) was helping me to find the sage. I am visually impaired and it takes me longer to search for things. I feel quite fortunate to have spirits helping me. I’ve always just had to cope with my low vision by intuiting what is there. Now I know, it is spirits that have been helping me all along.

I was walking along the refrigerated produce aisle, when P said, “Just keep going”.

Someone said, “Wow, sage“. They didn’t have a lot of stock, but there were 3 packets of sage on the shelf. You can hear me taking he plastic containers from the rack.

P kept meeting spirits in the store approaching him. One said, “NIce to meet you”. He replied, “Same to  you”.

P explained to them “Help her, her see”.

And someone said, “You’re a star”.

I should explain, that these things heard on EVP are not necessarily what I hear in that moment. I’m mostly lost in my own thoughts and don’t hear anything at all from them. But I do get their messages. This goes to show that I don’t need to “hear” what they are saying to receive a message from them. This is a very interesting point, because it means that the communication of the message is not necessarily the words itself. My speculation is that the words are merely secondary, and the communication is done on a more subtle level where thoughts are conveyed, rather than words spoken. And perhaps that might be why spirits seem to converse in a much less wordy manner. That is why I say that telepathy between the living and spirits, occurs on many levels. Usually people think that telepathy is spoken word conversations, but it is more complex than that. It can be thought, images, feelings. It is kind of like how communication done over an app like FB messenger can be more than just text messages, it can be emojis, GIFs, videos, audio clips, etc. Sometimes P will send me a thought message in the form of an emoji image. Funnily enough, I’ve had dreams where I was receiving messages from P in text message form. And I’d think to myself, oh, P had figured out how to text me in the afterlife. Then I would wake up from the dream wishing it were all true. LOL.

These recordings were recorded using  my EVP Wrist Recorder 3 on September 22, 2021.

Image above: “Garden” by Prince in spirit.

©2021 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.