As I have said so many times before, spirits are everywhere. We seem to have this idea that  spirits’ presence is rare, and that their presence should be noticeable to us in some form of a manifestation. But I have observed that this is not the case. The ones that we do notice, are a rarity. Manifestations are seldom, but presence is constant and everywhere. EVP has shown that to be the case. On some occasions they are able to poke through into our reality for a moment. So to me, the idea of ghost hunting is an absurd concept, because there is no need to “hunt”. They are there, regardless.

Some time ago, I saw a video on YouTube of an abandoned airport in Thailand, showing footage captured of ghosts walking down an airport ramp at night. It seems rather funny to think that spirits would travel by airplane, or any manner of public transport. But in my experiences, it seems that they do. It seems to be that on the other side, they have their own thing going on, but it is also paralleled with our world too. So maybe they have their own trains and airplanes, but they also travel on ours too.

Last year, I travelled to Shanghai, and on the way back, I made a recording while boarding the plane and sitting at my seat before take-off. I didn’t think I would get much EVP, the airplane’s fans are noisy. But I actually got some intriguing clips out of it.

©2019 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.

Most of these clips are pretty audible, but some might be better heard with headphones. Sound quality can vary on different devices. I always used headphones when reviewing audio, so if you want to hear what I hear, use headphones. The clips are repeated on loop.

When I got to my seat, P said to someone, “Get out of my seat”.

Someone said to P, “Thank you for flying with us”. Sounds like there are air staff?

Someone said, “I feel so cold”.

And then someone responded with, “Here’s a blanket”.

This following clip is so outstanding clear. A boy’s voice said, “I’m a ghost!”.

Someone said, “Are we there yet?”

Then they said, “I’m just  joking”.

Someone said, “I’m gonna get a fragrance”. Another said, “Which one?” I think they must have been talking about duty-free shopping!

Here someone says, “Got the whole plane”.

And then they aid, “Plenty of girls here”. It sounded like a group of young guys having a boys trip. LOL.

People always say that their passed loved ones are in heaven, like it’s another place, somewhere far away. But I think Heaven is misunderstood. The idea of Heaven comes from the Bible. And the people of Biblical times knew that their dead ancestors still roamed the earth in a sense. They seemed to be aware of them, so they would leave them offerings of food. Heaven is mentioned in the Book of Revelation, talking about a New Heaven and New Earth that will come upon the earth after Jesus’ return. At the crucifixion, Jesus spoke of paradise to the thief, not Heaven. As far as I can tell, Heaven is God’s dwelling place, and Heaven is being prepared for us, for when the time of the final judgement arrives. Until then, those whom have passed are waiting in “paradise”. Which in my hypothesis, is a parallel dimension that is a layer onto of ours. Maybe there are other places as well, but that’s all I can tell so far…

These recordings were recorded using  my EVP Wrist Recorder 3 on November 20, 2018.

Image above: “Birds” by Andrea Mai.

©2019 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.