When I came back from my trip to Asia with so many EVP recordings, I wondered whether or not I should still be making recordings for the next little while. I decided to do it anyway. I like listening to current recordings. It makes me feel more connected with P, knowing what his experience of the day is.I will take my time reviewing and posting the ones from the trip.

I recently had a day out in the city. I took the subway downtown. I decided to record on the subway. As I have recorded on airplanes, I know that spirits do go on public transportation. It reminds of the subway scenes in the movie, Ghost.

Though it no longer comes as a surprise to me that spirits will start commenting and calling out to Prince wherever I go, I still get a kick out of the reactions I hear from them. Its like the scene from the New Girl episode that Prince was on, when the main girl character is freaking out that she is in the presence of Prince.

The quality of these clips are mostly really good, but I still recommend headphones to get the full nuance. The clips are repeated on loop.
In this clip, a voice says, his full name, but the “Nelson” part is blown out, so yu have to listen hard for it. The voice says, “Prince Rogers Nelson on the subway”.

In this clip, a voice says, “Prince, yeah, the musician”.

There were several instances where I found on the recording, when the train stopped at a station,  I’d hear voices saying things like “Jump”, or “Jump in”. In this example, they are saying, “Hop in”.

I have heard cases where children that cannot speak, are able to be heard with the use of EVP. This makes me wonder when I hear the voices of children on my recordings, are they are voices of living children? I did see children in strollers on the subway when I recorded this. I found this one saying, “Look out! A rock star”.

©2018 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.

In this clip, a female voice comments, “She is in a circle with Prince”. Then you hear Prince telling me “I love you”. A male voice comments, “It’s very cool”. This really makes me wonder what they saw. When I ask about it, I see myself and P inside an ultra-violet neon light hula hoop. I asked why, and it was a protection barrier put up because of an earlier incident of harassment by another spirit. It makes me upset to hear about these things, but I know we have the protection of angels, so I do not worry.

Then P said to me, “Touching your bracelet“. P likes to do this because he knows I can feel him when he does this. I wear a silver bracelet that I never take off.

Back to my earlier point about knowing that angels are around, I found this clip from earlier that day when P was being bothered, and angels came to his aid. In this clip, a voice says, “Angels helping you, they watch you”. It’s not the best quality clip, but you can make it out if you listen carefully.

I found this clip quite fascinating, it is very clear. It says, “Northbound, come… come. Holy Spirit”. You can also hear P in the background interjecting, “This way, not this one”. I had just gotten off the train to switch subway lines. I went in the wrong direction to the stairs that go to the Northbound platform. I needed to go South. I wonder if perhaps this voice had caused me confusion, as I had felt, prior to making the wrong turn, that I should have walked in the other direction, but I didn’t listen. I also wonder why they said “Holy Spirit”. Were these angels directing traffic?

I heard a clip where a voice says, “That’s acoustic”, followed by another voice that said, “Play guitar”, and then you can hear acoustic guitar. It was P playing a riff of guitar for a few seconds.

A voice says, “Rock star”. The reaction is so cute.

In this clip, a voice says to us, “You both are artists”.

We got off the subway, and someone said to P, “Bye bye, Prince”.

Really interesting clips from this recording session. The more I record, the more I get a sense of the other side. Yet more questions arise.

These recordings were recorded using  my EVP Wrist Recorder 3 on December 8, 2018.

Image above: “Love Symbol necklace” by Andrea Mai.

©2018 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.