If you have ever wondered if your will be reunited with your pets in the after life. Here is hope. I have heard EVP evidence of Prince’s dog, Mia being with us. And actually, before I was even able to hear about her, I saw her in my mind’s eye. One day I was sitting in a waiting room when I saw this cute little terrier running around at my feet. Then when I started getting into doing recordings, P would say things like, “Dog on your bed”. And I don’t have a dog, nor have I ever had one.

One day, I was recording at Costco, and apparently Mia was with us, because all these spirits there were reacting. In this post, I’ll share their reactions with you. Most of these recordings are pretty loud and clear, but you might still want to try listening with headphones. I use Beats headphones when I review the audio. Depending on what device you’re using to listen, sound quality can vary. The clips are repeated on loop.

Here someone says, “Did you have a puppy“. P replied, “Ah, Mia”.

Someone said, “Puppy here… There’s a puppy here”.

Here someone said, “You are a nice puppy”.

Here’s a clip saying, “Prince puppy here”.

Keep in mind, these were all recorded at Costco, there are no dogs allowed in there! I was surprised to hear how excited the spirits were about seeing P’s dog. I caught other interesting clips too.

Here someone says, “I met Prince”. It sounds like he was talking to himself.

Here someone asks P about me, “Who is this?”. He replies, “My twin soul”.

Occasionally I will hear them ask P about his death. Someone asked, “How did you die?”. P said, “I died from pills”.

What I’ve observed about the spirit world is that they are hardly shy about asking direct questions. Even if it’s really nosey, like “Where are you going?”. Sometimes I hear the weirdest things that I know for certain that no living people would be asking, at least not out loud in public. They also seem very open to conversation and interacting with each other. M guess is that because communication is done through thought, there are not many barriers to starting a conversation.

These recordings were recorded using  my EVP Wrist Recorder 3 on February 14, 2019.

Image above: “Dogs in Windsor” by Andrea Mai.

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