Can you believe it’s October? This year has gone by so quickly, even though we’ve been stuck at home because of the pandemic.

©2020 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.

Of the few places I still go out for, are the post office at my local strip mall. I recorded EVP during one of these outings and found something interesting going on. The clips are repeated on loop.

That day, there was road repair blocking my usual path to the mall. I was still able to cross the street, but traffic was being interrupted by the construction. At the cross walk, I was told, “Wait”. (This was P)

After dropping off packages to the post office, I went to this ma and pa shop to get something that I was planning to buy that day. While I was there, I suddenly felt this urge to leave. My intuition was saying, you can buy this later, but go home right now. So I walked out of the store not buying anything. And actually when I went home, I was like, “I actually wanted to get that, now I’ll have to go back! What happened?”. As it turned out, P was being told we had to leave, due to covid-19 concerns. Here’s what was said on the recording.


“Prince… can’t stay”

“Hi, let’s go home”.

“Please go home”.

“Say you wanna go home”.

As I left the mall, I did not take my usual route to leave. I felt directed to leave through a different exit. As it turns out, I was being told, “Go this… way”.

After I left the mall, someone said “You’re safe now“.

I found a rather funny clip from while I was in the store. It’s a bargain basement kind of shop with all kinds of discounted merchandise. I found this voice that said, “Where do you find Trump hat”. It’s interesting that some spirits are still be interested in the politics of this world!

From this experience, I got the sense that the spirits were trying to get people in the mall to leave. It was a quiet afternoon in the mall, not many people were around. I would say, that if you suddenly feel the urge to leave some place, that you do that. It could be that you were receiving information intuitively. Usually one can recognize intuition (often mistaken by emotional feeling) by the immediate and sudden out-of pace thoughts taking place, they run counter to one’s known  opinions and feelings, unencumbered by desires or bias. However, it is often the skeptical human ego that gets in the way, only following rationality, that ignore such warnings, and  therefore comes to suffer the consequences of not following intuitive direction. With practice, one can become attuned to recognizing intuition, by overcoming their personal bias thought, and entertaining an openness to possibilities. This is not to say that one should dismiss logical thinking at all. One should also follow up on what was discovered thorough intuition with investigation,  seeking confirmation that their one’s intuition was correct.

What I’ve been able to observe over and over again, is that the other side has been giving me tips and warnings through intuition. And I am able to prove this with the recordings that that what I was feeling at the time, was what they were telling me. According to the Christian mystic Swedenborg, benevolent spirits quietly communicate with us through feelings and intuition, it’s not always obvious that they are telling us something. People might assume that I hear from P all the time with direct spoken word communication. But actually, it is more subtle than that, it is with thoughts, ideas,visions, feelings, and intuition. He is there with me, quietly in the background.

I hope you all stay safe!

These recordings were recorded using  my EVP Wrist Recorder 3 on September 8, 2020.

Image above: “Autumn” by Andrea Mai.

©2020 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.