I’m excited to share something that I’ve been wanting to get for a very long time. It’s a personalized embosser. I’m a lover of classy-looking stationery and this is it! I was over the moon about finding a vendor that does fully customized plates. When I placed my order, they sent an email asking me to submit my design. I was expecting that they would ask me to select a design from a catalog that they would personalize for me. But no, they said I could put my own logo and choose my own font for the design. I received the order in about a week’s time. It came with a case for storage. This is a hand-held version, which is great for saving space. I read a lot of reviews before buying and was concerned, but it turned out that there was nothing to worry about. The plates can be changed, which is really cool if I want more plates with other designs. My first attempts at using it was a failure because I didn’t install the plates properly, so it might account for some of the complaints I read on Amazon. It works brilliantly. I plan to use it for my packaging and sales documents. Some people use it for wedding invitations and napkins, which would totally work. I can also imagine using it on gift tags and stickers. It’s a really great gift for stationary lovers or the person who has everything. I made my order through Amazon, but if you’d like to check out this supplier, it’s a company called Imprue.