I hope all of you are well, and staying safe ass we all hunker down while we ride out the storm of this COVID-19 pandemic. I am the kind that prepares for the worst and hopes for the best. As I’ve said earlier, I did not have a good feeling for 2020, and so I did not make any big plans for this year. As the news of the virus came out from China in January, I knew that this thing could spread and get out of control. I started to take precautions to stay home as much as possible since February. I am not one to wait until the government begins to tell you that you must stay home.

©2020 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.

On Match 17, our Canadian Prime Minister announced that they would be closing the Canada-US borders, as a measure to try to contain the spread. Meanwhile, the UK has been slower to act, and I had a bad feeling about that. That day, as Trudeau was making his daily news conference outside of his house, I recorded EVP in my room, while I left to hear the news in the kitchen. I caught some rather interesting EVP clips. I heard P mention something about London, though I don’t know what else he was saying about it. These clips are quite clear, and you can hear them without headphones, though I still recommend them. The clips are repeated on loop.

Here is P saying to me, “Don’t worry”.


Here is someone saying, “George, he took my favourite”. That is the first time I have heard a name mentioned other than Prince. I know I have angels in my home, but I don’t know them by name. I imagine they were looking for food in the fridge?

Then someone replied, “George eats your hummus”. I have to admit, I found this rather funny. I’m guessing whoever this George is, was sneakily eating somebody else’s food.

Here someone said, “Someone caught the virus”.

Someone also said, “They got a virus”.

Here, someone said, “Who’s there”.

Wherever you are, I hope you and your family are safe. Please take this thing seriously and stay home if you are not already doing so. I feel very sad about all the deaths that have occurred. If you have lost somebody from this tragedy, pleas know that there really is an afterlife, and though they may be gone, this isn’t “good bye” forever. My blog has been providing proof of the afterlife through EVP and photos for the past two years now. If there is anything I’m certain of, it is that we do see our loved ones again. Please know this, when someone dies, your relationship with them isn’t over.

May God protect you in these times.

These recordings were recorded using  my EVP Wrist Recorder 3 on March 17, 2020.

Image above: “Pillow and blanket” by Andrea Mai.

©2020 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.