Have you ever thought about trying something new in your career? Did you stop yourself because it just didn’t seem like a logical career move? But your heart is still calling you to it?

When I started my intuitive consulting business, I seriously thought that I had arrived. You see, I’ve always had different jobs or businesses, and I’ve never stayed in one place for a very long time. My resume is a patchwork quilt of different experiences. To a hiring professional, I would probably appear very flaky on paper.

So when I thought that I had arrived at some place that I could stay in for a long time to come, I was quite happy. I trained as a life skills coach, and it was such a rewarding feeling to be working with people to change their lives. To grow spiritually and offer wisdom to others is amazing.

But then my interests shifted again and I started doing other stuff. I got into photography and video making. And I loved it.

The process of creating images and moving pictures was fulfilling a different side of me that wasn’t being fulfilled. It was allowing me to express myself in a way that I couldn’t before.

I wondered if I should pursue this more seriously. My heart was saying YES! My head was saying, are you sure about this? It’s going off path, AGAIN!

After some serious consideration, I decided to go for it. I was starting to realize how ungrounded I was becoming in my work offering personal development and spiritual guidance. Don’t get me wrong, I love this stuff. But too much of it isn’t a good thing. We need to have balance in life. It can’t just be all about the touchy-feel-good stuff they talk about in self-help books and Super Soul Sunday. We have to participate in life itself. And that means getting outside of our heads and taking action. Too many words of encouragement, too much looking for the deeper meaning in everything can really just be an excuse for procrastination. To truly live our dreams, we have to create it into reality, instead of chasing them with mere wishful thinking.

I decided that what l needed a vehicle for more real life experience. A way to get back to reality. And photography was going to be the way forward, because it puts me in front of reality itself. I wanted to get in touch with what’s around me and create something tangible from it.

The interesting thing about photography is that it has allowed me to merge two worlds together; the seen and the unseen. I work from an intuitive place, but I create with the reality around me. I am legally blind, so I often have to trust my gut feeling that I got the shot I wanted, and that everything is lining up for me in the photo. I don’t question so much, I rely on my instincts to guide me.

And so I believe, this is what they would call “inspired action”. This career move wasn’t planned, it wasn’t a strategy. It just happened, I let go and I followed my heart. And I couldn’t be happier.