I just finished reading a book called EVP: Scientific Proof! by Alexander MacRae. The author of this book, is a long time EVP researcher, and a former NASA speech scientist. I first learned of him from a documentary about EVP some time ago. In this book, he provides evidence to show that EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) is not an illusion. It is in fact, very real, and it can be proven by the voice print spectrographs by comparing an EVP versus that of just pure static. In the book, he also shows how he tested his volunteer listener subjects. I thought this was very interesting, and I thought I’d make my own version of this kind of test.

If you’d like to test your ability to hear EVP, simply listen to the audio clips below. These clips are repeated on loop 7 times. Then select from the options listed below, what it is that you heard in the clip.

Clip #1


a) What’s your name?
b) Do you want toast?
c) Who’s that girl?
d) Niagara Falls
e) Call me later

Clip #2


a) Dog
b) Nevermind
c) Prince
d) California
e) Book

Clip #3

a) Purple Rain
b) Mom
c) Dance with me
d) Look over there
e) Who’s that?

Clip #4

a) Why you come here
b) Where are you
c) When doves cry
d) Play a song
e) New guitar

Clip #5

a) He’s with that girl
b) Talk to me
c) I’m going home
d) I’m sad
e) Sign of the times

According to the book, some people claim that being told what the clip says in advance, can causes people to hear what is told to them. This premise is false. The fact that one is told what to listen for, only increases the speed of one’s ability to recognize the pattern. Humans are built to recognize patterns, but they cannot recognize a pattern that is not there. One’s hearing may change over time with age, and so not everyone is going to be able to hear EVP. Another factor that can affect listening to EVP is sound quality from the device that is being used. You can improve your chances of hearing it with better quality headphones.

I hope you found this interesting, if not at least entertaining. If you want to check your answers, send them to me by email.