I have been contemplating what are the solutions for this frequency war we are under. How can we, as humanity, win back our power. Clearly things like HAARP, chemtrails, and EMF radiation is a major blow to our progress in consciousness evolution. And people within the chemtrail discussion communities have talked about devices like “orgonite” and “chemtrail busters”. However, after much consideration, I do not see this as a viable solution on a large scale for many reasons including factors such ascost and safety, It is not the direction that I am drawn to because it is not what I am meant to move towards.

I think that we must focus on the greater overall solution to resolve it from the root cause, rather than to try to solve the end result. The greatest problem we face today is the suppression of greater human consciousness.

I have been directed to 432 hz tuning for a bigger reason. I believe it is part of the “big” answer. And today I have come up with a solution. After all my years of study on metaphysicals, I have realized one thing. The solution is much simpler than we think. We know a lot of theory and principle, but we don’t know how to apply it to make things work; because we think that the answer has to be more complicated than that. But ancient anthropology shows us that applications are much simpler than we dare to believe. Especially when you consider the capacity of the ancient peoples versus what technology they had, compared to us. The ancient people understood how energy works to some basic degree, and they didn’t require “proof” like the way we do today. Perhaps the ancients had greater faith in the unseen forces than us. It is actually our own limiting  beliefs and wavering faith in a greater power that holds us back from finding the answers.

Self-portrait, ©2017 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.

If there is anything  major that I have learned from my experiences with Prince in spirit, it is that when you are going into unchartered territory, you have to drop all your assumptions and be willing to try things that are considered unconventional. There is no manual on how to deal with paranormal experiences. All I can say is, be curious and be willing to try thins that might make you look somewhat foolish. This is how you discover new things. The problem with our society today is our rigid way of thinking; throw in politics and ridicule; and you have a society that refuses to think for themselves.

There is far more to reality than we can see with our eyes. There are unseen forces at work. Energy, chi, prana. The force, as Star Wars calls it. What we can see in the visible light spectrum is only a tiny fraction of what’s really going on. There are parallel dimensions, things happening on a level that we cannot see. But if we can begin to reclaim our higher senses, we can start to feel our way around things like a blind person with no sight. Then we will open up to a new realm of possibilities and create a world that we never thought possible. Let us reconsider what we think is not possible.

So I have come up with some possible solutions. I’m going to be posting them in the coming weeks as I do my research. Stay tuned for more.

Image above: “Let’s Go Crazy” by Prince in spirit.

©2017 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.