We are currently busy working on many different projects at once, so blogging has taken a bit of a backseat. However, if you do want to follow me on my Facebook page, there you will find the latest in regards to my Prince communications and links I think you should see. It has taken me longer to write this post, as I wanted to verify some information before sharing.

As you will know if you are a follower of my blog, I have been doing research in the area of music tuning in the standard of 432 hz. I recently retuned my piano to 432. P has been telling me to keep exploring. I came across people who are talking about the 444 hz tuning with reference to the 528 hz frequency. You will often see it referred to as 528 hz, but really, it is talking about 444 tuning. I was somewhat baffled by this finding. So which tuning is beneficial for humanity? It seems that there is backlash coming from the 432 camp, and yet their arguments against it seems weak and unfounded. I tried out 444 tuning on a keyboard and I felt its energy was also harmonious, similar to 432. 444 and 432 are 12 hertz in difference, which is still following the coherence of the “magical” 3, 6, 9 universal pattern that Tesla talked about.

People researching the numbers behind 432 have pointed out many fascinating numerical synchronicities. But here is what I found in 444 tuning that is interesting numerically. 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, etc (there is slight difference off for a few notes in the official scientific standards, but this is the same with 432 as well). In Numerology, we call these double or triple sets of the same numbers, Master Numbers. They are considered powerful and many people see them as divine signs from the universe. I discovered that these triple set numbers are all evenly divisible by 3. Go check with a calculator! You will see it’s true!

I heard an interview with Leonard Horowitz, who is the main proponent of 528 hz, and I heard somewhere that the song, Imagine by John Lennon is recorded at 444 hz tuning. I found this to be quite an interesting discovery. I decided to test out thIs claim.

To test it, I used an app on my iPad called Free Chromatic Tuner. In this app, it allows you to select what tuning standard you want to use. So I tested it with all 3 tuning standards, 432, 440, and 444. It certainly dud not resonate with 440. But I found it resonated with both 432 and 444. I found this rather confusing. So I took a second iPad and set one to 432 and the other to 444, and measured the song simultaneously. I found that it resonated more to 444. I tested the entire Imagine album and it very clearly resonated to 444.

I have been testing Prince songs as well, especially his early work from For You, and Prince. I found that in some cases, like Imagine, that it resonated with both 432 and 444 simultaneously, but not 440.

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Perhaps this is why P insisted that I learn to tune my own piano, so that I could learn to measure his songs, have a greater musical understanding, and prove to some degree, scientifically, what he did in his music that made it so extraordinary. Not to just make a claim about it, like others who have written on the 432 subject. In which case, if you are supposedly “converting”  your Prince music to 432, you are wasting your time. (Please note, pitching your music down in computer software is not a true conversion!). P has guided me on technical aspects in my research. As you know, he produced all of his own albums and for many others as well. He is very technically minded.

So where does this all lead? The evidence suggests that both 432 and 444 are compatible tuning standards. They resonate harmoniously with each other. I think perhaps they are like different channels, gateways. Like how there are different brain waves states; alpha, beta, theta, etc. Neither are bad, just different states that produce a different effect. 432 and 444 produce different effects. It would be interesting if any of you out there would like to contribute to this research by investigating my findings and reporting back. And of course, I would like to encourage all musicians to explore these two turnings in their music.

Image above: “Soul Song” by Prince in spirit.

©2018 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.