Last week on Valentine’s Day, I shot some new images. It takes time for ideas to develop mentally and to prepare for a shoot. Selecting what image to project is crucial. This time, I selected a side profile of  image of Prince and overlapped it with an image of the starry night sky that I took while I was in the French countryside. I wanted this to feel cosmic. Funny enough, I had this fur neck warmer that I ought in 2015, that is a match to Prince’s fur coat. We always had similar taste in fashion.

To be honest, I never really know how a shoot is going to turn out. Sometimes the ideas just don’t translate well i reality. So I never place too much expectation on anything I do. I always just roll with it and see where it takes me. Some might call it trial and error. I call it going with the flow.

I have been thinking of presenting my work in video format. I love video as a medium. It’s more the direction I am taking my work towards in terms of presentation as a photographer. I presented my work in an online gallery format. From my observation, I think Internet users are too overstimulated to look through a website. Too short of an attention span. In the future, I will be presenting more of my work in video format.

The following video is a one-minute video compilation of some of the images from this shoot, paired with the channeled message I received from Prince on May 15, 2016. I’m really happy with it, as I think it takes his message to a whole new level. I think too many people focus on his death and the things related to third-density existence, like the issues surrounding his estate; they do not see the bigger picture of what Prince represents as a being. I intend to do right by him to make his message known.

It was a few days of pondering before I got to work on this video. Like everything I do now. It is all channeled. The time to create the video itself is not so long. But the thought process behind it is worked through for days before I begin to do anything about it at all. By the time I was inserting images into the video, I was no longer consciously paying attention to the appropriate allocation of each image. This worked out on its own, automatically.

One of the challenges was choosing the synthesized voice for Prince. He was known for his use of voice manipulation in his own work. Actually, the original innovator of its use. I finally went with Whisper and took it up an notch, as the original sounded too much like Cookie Monster. The Whisper voice reminds me of music by the French band, Air. That really takes me back to my teenage hopes and dreams.

Here it is. I hope you enjoy it

All images and text ©2017 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.