This week I did another photo shoot with Prince’s projection. I’ve been dying to do one with his LoveSexy album cover. This time I got a lot from the same set. It was hard to choose the best. I had 45 selected images for editing from a completely filled SD card. And then I narrowed it down some more. Until I decided on the ones I’m showing you here.

Thinking of my inspiration for these works, as  I mentioned before, Prince’s must video for Te Amo Coarzon was the major influence. If you follow Prince’s work throughout his entire career, you will notice a mysterious woman he eludes to. Many try to pin it down to one of the many women he was connected with, and if not, they will determine some other crazy explanation. If you watch Te Amo Corazon and Somewhere Here on Earth, you will see the connection quite clearly as to what he is talking about (the women in the video even portrayed a similar essence to mine). This is how clearly Prince depicted his experience of the twin flame phenomenon. The  woman he speaks of; he senses, but he has never met on the Earth plane. This is the truth of what the twin flame dynamic is.

Many have commented on my series of portraits with Prince, describing it as ephemeral, or not merely a photograph, but a manifestation of his spirit. It’s true, because there is more to it than just snapping a photo with a projection in the background. I feel him there with me as we “perform” on camera.

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