After the great reveal that Prince was with me in spirit, I asked him how I could better communicate with him. As a pre-teen, I had braces, and after they were taken off, they put in a permanent retainer,  a metal strip glued to the back of my bottom teeth. The retainer has started to wear off as it’d been over 20 years. I wondered if I should have it removed. I found it irritating. I hesitated to do anything about it.

One day, as I went into mediation, the first message that came up as I arrived in the meditative state; “Get that metal thing out of your mouth”. It was the answer to my question. I had heard of how metal in the body was proving to be an impediment to psychic development (as is fluoride). I immediately booked an appointment to have it removed (with much resistance from the receptionist, until I told her I was concerned about metal toxins).

I was told psychically that the metal from the retainer was slowly poisoning me. Had I not removed it, somewhere down the road I would have gotten lymphoma. Which I know to be true as I was told by a health professional that my lymph was weak, just less than a year ago.

It was after the retainer removal, that soon Prince began manifesting energetically to me. He was moving my body, I was channeling drawings from him. I used to mostly see him in the sky, this was no longer the case. He was here, with me. Another aspect of our early form of communication was through oracle cards. I had a set of crystal themed oracle cards. One day, I asked him to point me to the crystal he favoured the most, out of all the cards. I thought he was going to show me something purple, like Amethyst. But you know what card he chose? Gold. And of course, if you look at all the mentions of gold through out his work, of course it is. He had an album called The Gold Experience. He had songs like Gold Standard.  I know before the inventory of his estate was announced that he owned gold as an investment. And sure enough, he owned 67 ounces of gold in bar form. Ready to use as currency, should the market crash.

The other things about gold is, that I am told that it is an energy conductor. Therefore, gold acts as a conduit for psychic energy. I was told to wear gold jewelry. And so I did. I felt the energy buzzing from it when I first started wearing gold. I would feel like I put my finger in a wall socket. It has less of an effect on me now, as I have adapted to this higher frequency of energy.

Image above: “Good” by Prince in spirit.

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