Today marks the one year anniversary of Prince’s rebirth into the spirit world. I know that many of you miss him. I do too. But believe me, he’s still around, just no longer in human form. He came here for a mission, and he did it. He still tells me he had much more to do than he had time for.

©2017 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.

I thought I would mark this occasion with a story I’ve never told here before. It’s rather personal, but I share this with you so that you know to what extent of my experience are like. Some people might think my experiences are merely psychic visions or dreams, but they are much more than that. I experience Prince as a disembodied entity that is energetically present with me, that I can physically sense. This happened way before I started writing about my Prince experiences. This is about the first time he ever kissed me. This is not imaginary, in a vision, or in a dream. This is in physical reality, where he and I exist in separate dimensional planes, but intersect momentarily in a shared energy field. This was after I had my permanent retainer removed from the back of my teeth. I was told it was very important that I did this because it was a metal poison affecting me. I had also asked about what I could do to hear him better, sense him more. The answer given was to wear gold. So I put on a gold bracelet and a gold pinkie  ring with twin ruby jewels, both on my left hand.

It was after over a week that I started wearing gold. One night I was in bed, lights out, just about to sleep. I felt this buzzing energy coming from my wrist with the bracelet and ring. I felt my arm floating up involuntarily. I felt an intense electromagnetic field forming around me. And I felt this visceral, buzzy energy placed onto my lips. And I knew immediately it was Prince, kissing me. The energy was so intense, I could only describe it as, if you stuck your finger in a wall socket.  From that point on, I found that Prince would be able to move my body involuntarily. It was the most bizarre feeling. I felt light as air. I often felt as if I might float away. It was after this, that I would start channeling drawings from him.

I haven’t felt that electric buzzing sensation since those times. It was actually a time of exploration for us, seeing what we were capable of. I’ve been acclimated to his level of energy now, so it’s s different feeling now. He still kisses me, but it’s a much lighter feeling that could almost bring into trance.

Image above: “Lips” by Prince in spirit.

©2017 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.