I have been researching in the past couple weeks to see how viable my theory is, that 432 hz tuning for music could be used to work against the effects of HAARP, chemtrails, and EMF radiation. I am mostly an ideas person. I can absorb lots of information like a sponge and connect things together. But I am scientific minded, in that I don’t have the expertise to measure results. I can intuit solutions. I just can’t do the “work” to show my answers. So all I can do is present to you, ideas and proven concepts. I need the rest of you out there reading this to do what you can to contribute to the “big” answer in whatever way you can.

We are in a frequency war, my friends. It is a war against humanity for a total control takeover. Frequency (scaler wave) technology is being covertly used for geo-engineering (manipulating weather, creating natural disasters) and mind control of the population (which can also create physical symptoms too). That’s right, mind control. Your brain is a frequency generator. Your thoughts are frequencies that gets sent out into the ether. If you can control the frequencies, you can also control the unsuspecting mind. What the dark Elite are most concerned with is that the mass population will wake up from their spiritual slumber and realize everything that’s been going on and what’s being done to them. Because the mind is a powerful thing. It can change everything.

The dark Elite have been studying frequency for a long time. They know how to use it. They can use frequency to affect the moods of a population. They can use it to create illness by shooting a particular frequency aimed at you if you become a target of theirs. I was once in contact with a man that informed of the fact that the Elite do not go to conventional hospitals to treat illnesses, such as cancer. They go to wellness spas in Switzerland where they receive healing treatment using frequency technology.

HAARP is a scaler wave technology. The way it works is that it shoots frequencies up into the ionosphere.  And this is what results in those bizarre looking cloud formations that have a wavy line pattern in them.  This is proof of HAARP being used, and this is prof that frquency affects matter. Therefore, the way to fight back is through frequency.

HAARP affected clouds

The frequencies coming from HAARP are being used synergistically with the chemtrail clouds. These chemtrais contain nano particles of aluminium, barium, strontium, and other known toxic chemicals. These particulates get everywhere, into the air, the soil, and eventually into the drinking water coming out of the taps in your home. If there is one problem we must urgently work on, it is this one; for this threatens the most fundamental basics of life. No clean air, water, or food, and you can forget about everything else.

As it has been proven by the work of Dr. Masaru Emote, water can be affected by thoughts, words, feelings, light, and sound; for they are all frequencies. Therefore these methods of generating frequencies can restructure water (and many other things, but water is the most malleable). We already know that the behaviour of water can be affected by song frequency. Well, what are clouds, but water in a gaseous state in the sky. We can most certainly affect the structure of the clouds with frequency them. As I have already stated, they are affecting the clouds with frequency technologies. We all have frequency generators, that is the mind. A focused mind can affect matter.  And if you want to take things further with something more tangible in a sense, we can generate sound through harmonious music. And if you’ve been reading this blog, you know what I am getting at. 432 hz tuning.

432 hz tuning is the most mathematically consistent standard of tuning. Symmetry is what creates harmony patterns. Numbers and geometry is at the heart of the very fabric of life. By using 432 tuning, we can revert back to the original “design of life” itself, what we are all meant to be, and everything else around us. We can restructure the water, the clouds, the plants, the environment around us.

Friends, it’s time to make some music and send some harmonious vibes into the ethers. You can affect change if you believe it. Get out your instruments, whether it be guitar, piano, or Tibetan singing bowl. For info on 432 hz tuning, here’s a post on how I tuned my guitar to 432.

Image above: “Andrea” by Prince in spirit.

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