Have you ever wondered where thoughts come from? Have you ever suddenly experienced a horrible thought explode in your mind that was completely  uncharacteristic of you? Perhaps these thoughts were disgusting, embarrassing, or even horrifying, and you start to wonder where those thoughts came from or if something is wrong with your mind?  

You may be surprised to learn that throughout  four years of undergraduate psychology and another four years of graduate school in psychology and counseling the issue of where thoughts come from was never brought up. Considering that all conscious behavior is mediated and triggered by thought, Jerry Marzinsky found this very strange. Finally after two years in a Phd psychology program, and seeing absolutely nothing come up that addressed the issue of where thoughts came from during a lecture one day, he posed the question to the head of the department during a lecture.  The professor stood at the podium, stunned as if a martian had fallen out of a spaceship at his feet and stared. He finally responded, “I’ll meet you after class.”   when he posed the question to the head of the psychology department during a lecture. When class ended, the professor left in a rush, avoiding Jerry.

I first learned of Jerry on a popular YouTube channel when he was a guest being interviewed. Since then, he has gone on many more interviews to spread the good news, that contrary to mainstream psychology, the voices that plague schizophrenics can be stopped, and these people can be fully recovered and not just endlessly treated with medications. 

Jerry was a licensed psychotherapist, now retired, with a career spanning over 35 years.  He has worked on the front lines of mental health during his entire career, including state and private psychiatric hospitals, mental health clinics, the psychology department of in state prisons, and spent the last ten years of his career working psych crisis in the emergency rooms of large private hospitals the entire time questioning schizophrenic patients about the voices they heard. After questioning scores of schizophrenic patients he slowly  started to discover the truth when the voices showed up and told the patients he was working with, “Don’t tell him anything more, he already knows too much.”   

In school, he was taught that the voices were hallucinations due to some mysterious chemical imbalance in the patient’s brain that the ant-psychotic drugs dished out by psychiatry somehow brought back into balance. The only problem was, that he never saw a psychiatrist order any kind of lab test or any other kind of test to measure which chemicals were out of balance, or by how much. How what meds to use, or how much, if they had no idea of which chemicals in the brain were out of balance, or by how much. The fact is that they had no idea of which of these mysterious brain chemicals were out of balance, or by how much, and no test existed to measure this mysterious chemical imbalance existed.  Jerry concluded that, the chemical imbalance theory was a ploy by big pharma to sell drugs.

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As Jerry continued his investigation into what these voices were, and how they operated, his superiors found that the was asking his patients about their voices. On two different occasions, he was ordered by psychiatry, not to ask about what the voices were telling schizophrenic patients, as it not only upset them, but reinforced the idea in the patient’s mind, that they were real. Jerry observed that the voices were very real and often horrifying to the patients. He disregarded psychiatry’s orders, continued asking his patients questions, and tried to remain under psychiatry’s radar. It wasn’t long before he found himself slipping down the proverbial rabbit hole. 

Patients continued to reveal what they were hearing. Some felt as if the voices  originated within their own mind and belonged to them. They accepted psychiatry’s unfounded theory that their brains were broken.Others knew that the horrible thoughts were not their own, but had no idea what they were or where they came from. In  severe cases, the voices would be physically heard from outside of their head. The voices would often torment patients by saying horrible  things about the patient, and bring up painful memories. Jerry started to notice a pattern with the voices, and concluded that they could not be hallucinations, as these voices were consistently saying the same thing among all these patients housed in different institutions across the U.S.. The voices consistently told his patients to get off their medication, and that the side effects of these drugs was proof that their psychiatrist was poisoning them. This resulted in an attack rate upon psychiatrists at the state hospitals which exceeded that of all other staff, except attendants who were with patients twenty four hours a day. If the patient listened and went off their medications the result was  a psychotic episode, rendering the patient dysdunctional.  He also found that the voices consistently told patients to avoid church, and to not read the Bible or any other positive spiritual material. He began to wonder why this would even concern what was supposed to be an unreal hallucination. For some that managed to get themselves to church, the voices would torment them often growing louder and forced them to leave. Jerry also noticed that patients would try to read the Bible, but could not remember anything after reading it. But if they read a passage from a gruesome horror novel,hey could readily recall what they red in great detail. Many patients kept horror novels by their bedside.

One day, a patient who was doing well with regard to getting rid of his voices, came to Jerry’s office without an appointment, and said that the voices wanted to speak to him. They told Jerry, through the patient, “You have no right to interfere with our way of life”. Jerry started to realize that these voices were much more than a mere hallucination like he was taught in his psychology textbooks. After years of investigation, he has concluded that these voices were from demonic entities, who fed on the negative feelings of their host victims, often depleting them of energy and vitality.

From observing his own personal experiences, he noticed how mentally healthy people were also affected by these negative entities in more subtle ways. One would naturally assume that one’s thoughts always come from one’s own mind, but only until you discover the presence of spirits and their capabilities, do you begin to realize that the source of one’s thoughts might not  be one’s own. It can be a huge relief for one to realize that not everything that passes through one’s mind belongs to them. 

I have personally discovered this for myself, from my experiences dealing with the spirit world and capturing EVP. After reviewing countless hours of EVP, I discovered how spirits could seamlessly implant thoughts into my mind without my knowledge. I could hear words in my mind and find it spoken by a spirit on EVP when I went back to review the audio. This was well demonstrated to me, when I found myself laughing to myself, at a joke I heard in my head at a buffet, a mean standing in front of me with a support dog. I heard the words, “Do dogs eat for free?” I found this joke spoken to me on the EVP.

During my early days of dealing with the spirit world, I would often hear in my mind, being told that I was crazy, despite my own confidence that what I was sensing was real. Later, I would discover voices on the EVP trying to tell me that I was crazy. It was a like a Wizard of Oz moment, when the curtain was pulled back, and the truth was found out about who was really behind all this trouble. Though the practice of prayer, I got rid of the negative entities from  my home.

After listening to many of Jerry’s fascinating interviews, I reached out to him, and he agreed to share some more of his stories with us. We have collaborated to release this intriguing story as spoken word audio and in text format. Jerry;s story is cleverly written and contains many tip and information on the subject matter of schizophrenia and negative entities, including how to get rid of them.

(After you read or hear the story, I’d implore you to check out this verse from the Bible, Revelation 16:13. You’ll discover something interesting.)

Black Tads, by Jerry Marzinsky

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