I’ve always heard about the power of prayer, but I’ve never really witnessed anything to tell me how real it is. I think in most non-religious spiritual communities, prayer is underrated, because there is greater focus on things like meditation and “manifesting”. When people talk about spiritual protection, they don’t really emphasize prayer, instead they talk about protective crystals, energy cleansing, and visual exercises. The assumption in these practices is that it works and nothing further is required. I love crystals, essential oils, and trinkets for protection, but the truth is, these energetic barriers can still be broken into if an entity is determined enough.  In my last post, I talked about spirits intruding on our space and harassing Prince. It was only until I developed clairaudience and was able to “eavesdrop” on the spirit world, that I began to understand what is really out there on the other side.

As I mentioned before, I discovered that the sound of A = 432 hz is more powerful when combined with prayer. Our home was being invaded by spirits with a bad demeanour; they were determined to split us up or at least do damage. We had prayed over the several days, but they were still coming at us. It was only until we prayed while I strummed by 432 guitar that our prayers were answered immediately. I hypothesize that our prior prayers weren’t making it through the smog of negative energy on the planet that interferes with our union with God, the creator. 432 clears up the interference for prayers to be heard.

©2018 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.

That night, we prayed and these are some of the recordings from that evening when we were heavily attacked and asked for divine intervention.

As per usual, I advise that you might not hear the EVPs if you are not using headphones, the quality will be greatly diminished, so I suggest using quality headphones. The tracks are done on loop so that you can hear it better.

On March 26, 2018, shortly after praying and strumming my guitar, I heard P saying to me, over and over, “Angels are everywhere”. I thought, is this for real? So I recorded him.

I could hear angels speaking to us on the recordings. Their voices are very sweet, high-pitched, like a cute little cartoon voice. An angel said, “God is protecting you”.

On the recording, I heard Prince speaking to the angels, they asked if he was scared. He replied with “I need your help”.

On the recordings, I would hear angels speaking to other entities that were trying to break into our home. They said, “We are angels, we protect them”.

An angel spoke to me on a recording, explaining to me, “Do not pray to angels, pray to God”, because they receive their orders from God. And there are malevolent beings that pretend to be angels. God’s angels cannot intervene if you do not ask God for help. Angels obey the rules and respect boundaries, while malevolent beings do not. They will bust into any joint with no respect.

Although we had angels surrounding our home, there were still many invaders making their attempts on the following day. That morning, I caught P tell them to “Get off my rooftop”.

An angel said to an intruder, “You stay out of here”.

Prince was frightened by the sight of “bad angels” that revealed their true identity. He said. “They are really scary looking”.

I also caught what the intruders were saying. They said, “We are devils”.

The angels would often tell intruders to leave us alone, that God would punish them for their actions. They would also tell them, “They are twin souls”.

This experience has been most humbling, it has taught me that there is nothing more powerful than prayer itself. Crystals and protective trinkets are wonderful, they can be comforting, but they do not replace the act of prayer. So any time you need help, call on God.

Ever since our prayers were answered, my home has felt even more peaceful than ever. I would urge everyone to cleanse their home regularly and pray for protection from intrusive entities, regardless of whether you are aware of any or not (if you didn’t kick them out,  you probably have them). Because as I said, negative beings have no respect for anyone’s privacy or personal space.

Image above: “Clouds” by Andrea Mai.

©2018 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.