On a cold evening in late November, I was doing this photo shoot. Wearing only a fur coast, a silk slip dress, jewelry, and a full face of make up. The house was completely dark, except for a couple of purple lights and the light coming from the projector. I heard noise coming from my front door, a knock. I buttoned up my coat, slipped on my sheepskin house slippers, and stuck my head out of the door. Two men turned up to try to offer me a Black Friday deal on an Internet package. I told them immediately that I wasn’t interested. One guy persisted, saying, “But I didn’t even tell you what it is.” I said, “I don’t care.”

P said to me later, “Never seen a pretty girl look so touch”. That line is from a song of his, U Got The Look. He said that I had given them a look that sent them away.

Funny enough, I just watched the music video for that song as I am writing this post, and P is wearing a white fur cost in it.

Looking back on the situation, it is kind of comical. But I hate being interrupted like that. It’s many hours of prep work to do a shoot like this. I have o work fast because battery life is short.

I wanted to do this shoot at my piano, because it’s one of the ways we like to spend time together, I’ve always wanted to play the piano, jazz-style. Recently, we came up with  a new tune together.

This body of work is personal to me, so I always keep it as authentic as possible, with meaning, the things in the photographs mean something. They are never merely for show. For instance, there is a clock in the background. I decided to keep it in the shot, because I felt that it represented time- past, present, future.

©2017 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.