One of my initial methods of communication with Prince was with oracle cards. Later I learned the Major Arcana tarot cards. I enjoy the complexity and the flexibility that the traditional tarot offers. So many different meanings can be conveyed in these cards. I don’t necessarily use it in keeping with the defined meaning of the cards, but rather, I allow the symbols in the cards to give me a narrative to answer the query. I will usually do a shuffle and fan out the cards, allowing Prince to move my hand to the card he wants me to select. I am often quite stunned by his selection of the symbols he chooses, because they are often so perfectly fitting. Then I might hear him telepathically to convey more information.

I find it kind of funny that we are using tarot for communication, because in his movie, Under The Cherry Moon, his character, Christopher, offers to do a tarot reading of the lead female character named Mary. They get into a confrontation and he hands her his business card that is the same size of a tarot card, and he says to her, “Here is your fortune, gilded in gold”. He kind of huffs at her and stomps off. It’s a funny scene from the movie.

I decided ho use the Lovers card from the Tarot as a symbolic prop for my latest photography project. I studied art history in school, and I like the idea of using props as symbols in portraiture to convey more than just appearances. In classical painting, you often find little trinkets and symbols hidden or embedded in a portrait. Although the Lovers card is typically known as being symbolic for choice and relationships. It’s an interesting card filled with other meanings. The male and female characters are like Adam and Eve. There is a God-like figure that hovers over them in the sky, as if to say that this is a divinely ordained connection, and there are two trees, perhaps symbolizing the tree of life and the tree of knowledge. To me, this card also symbolizes unity and connection with source creator.

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