Lat year, I did my first trip where I recored EVP on location during my trip. I have a wristwatch that records audio, and I would just leave it on while I’m walking around. When I was in Brighton, I did some recordings at the Royal Pavilion while I was taking photographs.

I lived in Brighton during my mid-twenties. I loved that Brighton had the feeling of smallness, but at the same time it was an exciting place to be in. You could walk from one side of town to the other within a half hour. From where I used to live, I could get to the seashore within a ten minute walk. I wanted to go back and see how it was like now.

New Road, Brighton ©2019 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved. Prince available here.

Unfortunately, my trip was adversely affected by the pouring rain on the one full-day that I had there. I only went to places near my hotel. I got out in the morning and took photographs of the Royal Pavilion. I had the recorder on, of course.

It turned out that I didn’t get a lot of great clips that morning. Being outdoors, the recorder picked up a lot of the wind from the bad weather. I could hear conversations occurring between P and other spirits, but they were only whispers.

The Royal Pavilion ©2019 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved. Print available here.

However, I did get this one amazing clip that has, to this day, caused me much curiosity. I was outside of the Royal Pavilion, along the front garden, taking photographs, it was starting to rain. No one was near me. A man’s voice called out, “Why are you running, princess!”. (The clip is repeated on loop)

Who could have this person been talking about? Was it a real princess that they were referring to? Why was she running? I found this totally intriguing, so I looked up the history of the royal family who resided in the Royal Pavilion.

The Royal Pavilion was a holiday summer house, the building design took inspiration from India and China. King George only had one child, Princess Charlotte of Wales. She would have spent some time at the Royal Pavilion and the Brighton seaside. According to what I read, Charlotte was a feisty, candid personality, she had a mind of her own. When Charlotte was of marrying age, her father was keen to arrange her marriage to someone that she was not fond of. When talks of the marriage contract could not be agreed upon by Charlotte, she broke off the engagement. When she heard that her father had intended to respond to her braking off the engagement by confining her in isolation, she ran out of her Warwick House (in London) residence onto the streets. A man, who saw from his window, saw the distressed princess and helped her get a hackney cab to get away.

Eventually, Charlotte married someone that she did love, but she died at age 21, after giving birth to a stillborn.

Could it be that this voice was calling out to Princess Charlotte? I wonder why she was running!

This clip was recorded using  my EVP Wrist Recorder 3 on May 24, 2018.

Image above: “Brighton” by Andrea Mai. Print available here.

©2019 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.