It’s funny when your twin flame was someone famous. That other half of your soul, everyone knows. I asked Prince, “What was it like to be famous?”

He answered, “The cost for fame is your freedom. The appeal of celebrity wears off quickly. You keep telling yourself that the accumulation of material goods is somehow worth it. But in reality, you feel trapped. Trapped because you can’t be like everyone else and go out in public like a normal human being. People treat you like a zoo animal, a spectacle. They don’t see you as human anymore. They think somehow you have it way better than them. But it’s not true. You have to watch yourself in public, what you say. You might think you are free when you have all this money to blow on silly things. But nothing in the entertainment business is free. There’s a cost. People expect and want things from you. And it’s hard to trust anyone. It’s the most isolating feeling in the world.”

It was always in Prince’s destiny to be famous. It was part of his mission here on Earth. It showed in his astrology. Being recognized worldwide was part of the divine plan for sharing his message. He was a Rock Shaman. Here to heal the world with his music.

Image above: “Love God” by Prince in spirit.

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