I believe that as science progresses, science and spirituality will eventually merge as correlated subjects; meaning that science will be able to explain spiritual principles and vice versa. We already see the beginning of this area of study in books like The Intention Experiment. I believe we can apply it further to explain things like the twin soul phenomenon. At some point, it will become scientifically verifiable and the nonsense being spread around the Internet will cease. Everything I wrote on this blog is what I know to be true, channeled, or based on personal experiences. I don’t write about things I don’t know about. Occasionally I get people who want to discredit everything I say about the subject of twin souls because it doesn’t serve their purpose. Their claims are baseless and they have nothing substantial to defend their claims. On other occasions, people like to take a tiny bit of what I wrote and ignore everything else to confirm their beliefs, despite how many times I say that they must take everything into consideration. If you want to fully understand the twin soul concept, I suggest reading everything I’ve written oner the Twin Flame category. I suggest that you read with an open mind and remove yourself from all bias and tendency to want to prove something to yourself.

I was watching some videos regarding the Mandela Effect and the subject of Quantum entanglement was brought up. A summary of its concept was presented and it peaked my attention, and instinctively, I feel that it explains the twin soul phenomenon. First, I will summarize the definition of twin souls. I have outlined its definition many times in my articles. But I have to repeat it for new readers. Twin souls, often referred to as “twin flames”, are two halves of the same soul. They were created from one soul unit, but split in two as polar opposite counterparts, one as female, the other as male. Though they may incarnate at different times and remain distant from each other, they remain psychically connected and exhibit similarities, such as similar appearance, attitudes, preferences, beliefs, and even share life parallels. This is very much similar to the kinds of similarities that biological twins share, except in the case of twin souls, this is happening on an energetic level, not a physical one.

According to Wikipedia, “Quantum entanglement is a physical phenomenon that occurs when pairs or groups of particles are generated or interact in ways such that the quantum state of each particle cannot be described independently of the others, even when the particles are separated by a large distance—instead, a quantum state must be described for the system as a whole.”

So consider the idea that twin souls are like two parcels created at the same time (making them twin particles). Twin souls are created from the same soul matter (or particles, if you will). As according to the definition, these twin particles are not independent of each other though they may be separated by time or distance (this is the Quantum entanglement part). Although twin souls incarnate separately from each other, with differences in time and distance, they mirror each other, which explains the many life parallels and similarities that I outlined earlier. The term “mirroring” is key in this concept. When I had a vision of speaking to my twin soul, we spoke to each other through a mirror (my twin is deceased, in the vision, it was my current self speaking to his past self).  This bond never breaks down because they are inherently the same being, just existing in different physical form, time, and space. The connection transcends time and space because in Quantum reality, they do not really exist.  It is also explained in Quantum entanglement theory, the twin particles maintain a polar opposite spin to each other. So consider this, that twin soul pairs are always male and female counterparts. This aspect of the particles spinning in opposition to each other could possibly explain the rarity of twin souls meeting on Earth. Further research would need to be done to see if this idea is a possible explanation.

To some extent, these concepts from Quantum entanglement can also be applied to soul mates and soul family. However, it is not the same experience, as members from a soul group are merely of the same cloth, so to speak, and not of the same soul. Soul groups are perhaps more loosely connected. So there is less of a coherence compared to what we see happening in the case of twin souls.

This is certainly an intriguing area of study. I’ve been studying metaphysics since my mid-mid-twnties, so to see it connected to Quantum theory is truly exciting. This is all that I can explain for now. I have an intuitive understanding of the concepts, but it can be difficult for me to explain in words, as I do not have the scientific vocabulary to express it any further.

Image above: “Cosmic Journey” by Prince in spirit.

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