I have left this article up because many people are looking for real information and they find me on this blog post. However, since the publication of this post, as of today, I hereby renounce the information communicated in this post. I have come to discover that it is inaccurate. Yes, there are twin souls, and they do have a role to play . The Ascension that people have been describing is not accurate. I suggest that you read Revelation, in the Bible. There is a Heaven on Earth coming, but it is not going to unfold the way people are saying it is. How I came to realize this information was through my developing of a prayer life.. If you want to know what you’re supposed to be doing, I suggest that you pray to God and build a relationship with him. He will guide you if you are sincere in your asking.

Updated: January 23, 2019

Something that I noticed that many who talk about twin flames do not focus much on is Ascension. I want to make this clear, because there is so much hype about it in the spiritual community. It is causing confusion. It is a sacred subject and many have turned it in a way to market their business for relationship advice. There is a greater picture in all this. Misinformation the spiritual community is a strategy that the dark forces use to distort the truth and cause delusion. Why do they want to mess with twin flame information? Because twin flames came to assist humanity in Ascension, thus leaving the Matrix confrol of the darkness, once and for all. Twin flame knowledge has been wiped out of the history books for this vey reason.

It is essential to understand this because it is for this reason of Ascension that twin flames have incarnated at this time and are reuniting. Instead, most that are speaking on the subject are focusing on relationship aspects or wha signs determine a twin flame pair, causing everyone to go looking for their twin and speculate. This is counter-prudctive to the twin flame mission. The mission is of foremost important, and the love and romance aspect of it is simply part of the total package. When Prince came to me in spirit, I knew immediately that we have a mission together, and it was confirmed to me later on. The love and romance aspect was never a question, because we are the other half of each other. My love for him grew as I got to know him more, He was always romantic with me from the start, but I figured it was just because he is a romantic kind of guy, so I didn’t take it too seriously. As time went on, I realized how deeply I was falling in love with him, a spirit in the nob-physical. I was confused and concerned for my sanity. I said to him, “If this isn’t real, tis isn’t fair, Prince. You can’t be here messing with me for no reason.” And from there on, the truth came out that we are twin souls.

What I speak about on this blog could sound totally unreal, but those that know me, know that I am a serious communicator. I do not exaggerate or make up stories. The Earth is going through the process of Ascension and twin flames are coming together to accelerate the process, as well as light workers and star seeds. When I first learned about twin flames back in 2013, no one was really discussing Ascension. They might have mentioned it in passing. But they never discussed it in such a way that I understood what it meant. Instead, they talked about twin flames coming here to replace the old relationship “templete” that is dysfunctional. Again, their focus is on relationship even though they claim that it is not. I also never knew that one’s twin flame could connect with them from the other side. Again, no ever discusses it because they are focused on relationships.

Ascension is the process of shifting into a higher dimension. It is the realization of Heaven on Earth, spoken of in different religious faiths, but in different terms. As human shift into higher consciousness, they will also shift into their light body. Death will cease to exist, and the cycle of reincarnation will be over. But in order for this to happen, the collective consciousness must rise in energetic frequency. This is where twin flames assist, as they naturally hold a higher frequency and pass it on with their presence, spreading the light wherever they go. The Ascension process is much talked about in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, but it was only ever achieved on an individual level. Now, we are to achieve this on a collective level.

Twin flames or soul maes, whatever your relationship is doesn’t matter. Relationships serve as an opportunity for personal growth regardless of what it is. Twin flames can only come together once they have evolved enough spiritually. A twin flame is not something you can search for. The twin flame thing is not for everyone, because not everyone has a twin. Ascension is the destiny that everyone is moving towards. I bring this up because it is important for those that are really twin flames, to understand what is happening to them and to understand their role.

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