When I first started doing these self-portraits with Prince’s projection, I never intended to turn it into a series. I really just thought it was a fun experiment because I wanted a picture of myself with Prince. But then it turned into something. It was later that I recalled a prediction that my psychic medium friend told me. She didn’t know who I was asking about, but she said that this person, I would do a photography project with. How impossible, I thought. How funny things unfold. My friends are reacting to these works, calling it an “art innovation” and that I should get them shown at art fairs. I’ve been saying to Prince and my spirit guides, “You’re going to have to help me get into galleries. I may be somewhat familiar with the art world, but I have no idea who will take my work.”

It recently dawned on me that this series of works is bigger than I originally thought. Art has the power to cast a spell on its viewers. It is why the current art trends has favoured negativity in art. There is an agenda behind it, to put a spell on us all. My work is about showing you the truth in the power of love, love that transcends all time and space. Prince is my eternal partner. My mission is to tell you of the twin flame truth. The concept of twin flames has been so distorted that it is reading havoc on innocent souls. Spiritual truth is simple and logical, but humans make it more complex than it is. Part of my work is to educate the public on the matter of twin flames. Dolores Cannon said when she was alive that the matter of twin flames should not be focused on, and there was very good reason for it (because if we met and united with our twin, we would be so happy that we’d never get any work done, as in the mission we signed up for. How true!). However, the Pandora’s box has been opened and we can’t go back to not knowing. Humans want to know, and they will keep searching relentlessly for answers about their experiences, and unfortunately, they will find false information provided by unscrupulous people on the Internet.

In my last instalment of photos, the title The Ecstasy of Andrea Mai was channeled to me. It reminded of the religious paintings like Mary Magdalene in Ecstasy, depicting Mary in a mystical experience. It perfectly describes what my experience with Prince in spirit has been– ecstasy. My work is a modern day depiction of this religious visual concept. Back in those times, people wee not so skeptical about these kinds of experiences. So I believe that these paintings were depicting the truth that these painters knew.

My work is also influenced by Surrealism, particularly Man Ray’s photography. As well as the early work of Cindy Sherman, her film stills series. I love Old Hollywood. I love how classy and glamours the women were. They were dignified. I love that Prince chose to make his second film, Under The Cherry Moon, in black and white. It made the entire film both modern and timeless.

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