To be honest, the spirit presence of Prince in my life has been like a breakthrough. It’s been 8 months and I have been undergoing a process of discovery and understanding. I guess you can say it’s like learning about a family member that you didn’t know you had, except that this is way bigger than that. Because it’s realizing the other half of you All my life, I have felt a missing part of me. This resulted in a sense of loneliness. But since Prince’s spirit presence, I feel whole, and never alone.

Prince wrote in his song, The Greatest Romance Ever Sold, “This is where you end. And you and I begin”. This line describes exactly my experience. The singular aspect of me has ended since learning that we are twin flames. The person I once knew as myself is gone. When he came to me, we joined as a pair. From my understanding from others who have experienced this process, it is called soul merging. The merging of the two halves in union with each other.

Some so-called twin flame experts out there claim that twin souls are the opposite of each other. This is not true and it does not even make any logical sense if you understand the true definition of twin souls. It goes against universal laws; opposites do not attract. Twin souls are one unit operating as two, they are the same beings. All traits live within the two halves in varying degrees of intensity. You will see as I explain the soul merging process, that twin souls are hardly the opposite of each other.

It is said that there are four levels of the soul merging process that take place; the spirit body, the mental body, the emotional body, and the physical body.

The spirit body is the most complex of all the aspects. It is everything having to do with the soul. It is the higher self in its infinite capacity. Twins souls are always together in their higher selves. This is what keeps the twins together even though they are apart during incarnation. When Prince was still alive, he was able to visit me in an out-of-body visit. I felt him as an energetic presence that floated above me and merged into my body. I’ve also met him in dreams. Of course, at the time, I did not know it was Prince. And now, his full spirit body is present with me always. The spirit body is the least measurable aspect, so only imperial evidence can be accounted for. Or at least until we figure out how to detect the spirit body.

The twin soul connections transcends time and space. It is endless. Sometimes I wonder if it is possible that we are time traveling in some way, spiritually speaking. Because in many of Prince’s songs, it is evident that he was aware of me as his twin soul. For instance, in the music video for Somewhere Here On Earth, his depiction of his twin soul, the essence is exactly like me, as the woman I have become. Therefore, I wonder is it he knew that I would look this way, at the time I am seeing the video for the first time? And I wonder if I am somehow influencing his past now that I am aware of him. Does my current conscious awareness of him from the “future” affect his awareness of me in his “past”? It’s all very complicated, I know. But we know from scientific study that is discussed in books like The Intention Experiment, that we can affect the past and future with our conscious awareness. An example of this from my experience is that one night I had a vision just as I was falling asleep. I saw myself walking in a kitchen. I saw Prince standing there alone with a cup of coffee. It was a late night. The way he was dressed, looked like maybe it was 1997. I was invisible, as I could not see my body. I walked up to him and kissed him. Just as I was seeing that, I felt his kiss on my lips, on my physical body as I was laying win bed.  This makes me wonder if we are affecting each other from the past and future. It seems that in the Somewhere Here On Earth video, and also the Te Amo Corazon video, he depicted a connection with a woman, as though she was a “ghost” following him around. Was his experiencing me like a ghost? Interestingly, my own experience of him is this way. As you can see, it’s complicated!

In Prince’s interview on Oprah, he reveals his awareness of “another person” living inside him. I believe that it was his twin soul that he was aware of, though they had no understanding for it. I am told that before my incarnation, for the first 24 ears of his life, I was always with him in spirit, looking out for him. It is interesting that he attributes the changing of the name to the Love Symbol to this “other person”. Clearly this is about twin souls, as I have explained in a previous post, that the real meaning behind the Love Symbol is that it represents twin souls merging.

Prince on Oprah – interview, Nov 21, 1996

The mental body
is all about thought patterns, attitudes, personality traits, personal tendencies. This aspect is very much examined through psychology. There are different types of personality assessments tests that one can take. Numerology and astrology is another way to look at personality. This aspect would also tie into how twins lead parallel lives regardless of their awareness of each other. For instance, I noticed in an interview that growing up as a teenager in high school, Prince hung out with other creative kids, and they revelled on being unique. This is how I would describe my own high school experience. Being unique and expressing it was the way to gain cool credibility. And it even became competitive at times.

Another investing parallels I found was that we shared a similar business sense. Prince was also known for his many talents, as he was good at everything he did in his business. People who worked for him said that he could do everyone’s job and better. This is me as well. Whether it was my own or managing someone else’s business, I have always been very hands on and could do everything myself if I had to.

We shared a similar fashion sense and we were both into having our clothes custom made. In my case, I studied fashion design so that I could make my own clothes. While Prince had an entire fashion studio at Paisley Park. Here are examples demonstrating our synchronistic fashion sense. I bought this hat in 2014. I remember buying it because I wanted to look like Edina sporting a bohemian look from Absolutely Fabulous. Prince was sporting this hat in around 2013.


In this photo, Im wearing a jacket that I bought in 2013. Prince was seen wearing tis outfit in 2014 on the Arsenio Hall Show. I never had any idea about Prince’s fashion sense in recent years until his passing.


I found that we have similar spiritual beliefs, not only due to similar religious upbringing, but our own curiosity for seeking spiritual truth. I have always had an interest in the occult and paranormal, and so did Prince. Though he never made it obvious, it is clearly evident in his work. Most would not recognize it unless they shared a similar repertoire of background knowledge in the subject.

In the reading I had with a psychic medium who detected Prince’s spirit presence, she spoke of personal changes that would occur. She told me that I would become more and more candid, which I find this to be true and my expression has become more free and uninhibited. Prince was always very surprising in his expression sometimes. You didn’t know when he would suddenly say something very funny after making a serious comment. I was also told that I would start dressing differently. And I did. Though my wardrobe hasn’t changed much, it is the way I put together outfits. I am more free in the way I dress. I have sopped wearing a bra and I do not care what other might think. My style is bolder than it used to be.

Sometimes I am unknowingly channeling him and his personality and knowledge seeps in. I start using words that are not a part of my regular vocabulary. There isn’t really a boundary between us.

The emotional body is related to all things on the emotional level. Twin souls are naturally telepathically connected with each other on all levels, however the emotional aspect can feel the most visceral. It is just as they say about biological twins knowing how the other is feeling, even from a distance. Twins can read each other, there is no question about it. If you listened to my recording of the Prince reading, you will see what had to say in regards to what I was feeling. I can listen to a song of his and read into how he was feeling and what the song is about, regardless of how cryptic the lyrics are. Sometimes even I can be stumped by his creative use of words, but I can tune into the emotions and read into it (of course, sometimes I’ll just ask him what it was all about and he’ll respond).

An aspect that one might not expect is that as twin souls, you carry the emotional baggage of two. So when I read about people talking about their experiences with Prince, I will feel it from Prince’s point of view, what he was feeling about a situation. It’s not really possible for twins to hide their emotions from each other.


The physical body is perhaps the most striking of the soul merging process, as it is dealing with physical reality and it has everything to do with the body and its appearance. Twins naturally tend to look alike. I don’t mean they will look exactly alike in the same way as biological twins look, but in the way that they carry the same essence in their physical appearance. They embody the counterpart version of each other. For me, the first time I ever looked at Prince’s photos, I’d noticed his eyes. I would feel like I was looking into a mirror. I would be like, “why do you have my eyes?” I’ve always felt strange about the appearance of my eyes, my pupils etnd to sit upward and people would think I was looking at them funny, when in fact I was not. But now I see that we get it from each other and it doesn’t bother me any more.

As the merging process progresses, twins see slight shifts in their appearances. After some time had passed over this summer, I started noticing that my physical features looked different. Not dramatically different, but it felt not quite the same as before. I would meet with people who had not seen me in a long time and they would tell me how different I looked. I would meet a friend whom I didn’t see for a week and she would notice something different about the way I looked. I would look in the mirror and notice something about my nose, like “wait, I don’t remember my nose looking like that”. I would notice the shape of my face shifting slightly.

Twin souls can also experience similar body issues, whether they are experiencing it both physically, or one is experiencing its symptoms energetically. I would sometimes feel sudden discomfort for no apparent reason. The pain would come and go with no medical reason for it.

Recently, I noticed changes in my singing voice. I was never much of a singer, but these days I catch myself singing in a style that is akin to Prince. It came automatically. I have no voice training. My voice can transition from high to low, just as Prince was known for. And suddenly I would have these dances moves that come automatically, and they are the way that Prince would have danced.

As you can see, the twin soul merging process is unlike anything you could ever imagine. People in the spiritual communities speaking on the subject don’t really understand the degree to which how deep the merging process is. It’s not something you can just claim that is happening. It’s not just sharing a couple similarities, its a complete “package” that you are sharing. It is something that is really happening and it is evident on all levels.You don’t feel quite like yourself in the way that you once knew yourself, but you also feel more yourself because your other half is joined with you.

You can read about the experiences of other well-documented cases of genuine twin flames. I recommend this article by Susan Elsa, and this book by Jean Cline, called Twin Sous Merging.

Note: If this is this your first time on my blog, then some information and concepts will be very new to you. I suggest that you explore my other articles in the twin flame category for greater understanding of my experiences and the information I have gathered through channeling.

Image above: “You are my twin” by Prince in spirit.
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