During the trip to Niagara Falls, we stayed at the Seneca Resort and Casino. Normally I would not choose to stay in a hotel that has a casino, but I was using loyalty points to pay for it, and it was a great deal. It turned out that they offered free buffet tickets to its hotel guests.

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It was very noisy in the buffet a lunch time, but at the same time, I got some really loud and clear EVP. That’s the thing about EVP, it’s a bit tricky to predict how well an EVP will turn out, because just the right amount of noise will actually make the recordings better to hear. But too much will ruin it. I tested these clips on my laptop speakers, and many of these are excellent. They are repeated on loop.

In the elevator, right before the door opened, P said, “We go out”.

©2020 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.

As I was getting food at the buffet, there was a man with a service dog with him. In my head, I kept hearing this joke, “Do dogs eat for free?”. You know, ’cause sometimes kids get to eat for free at these places. I wanted to say it out loud, because I thought it was funny, but I stayed quiet. It turns out that a spirit was saying it!

P also had his dog with him. someone commented, “That’s the doggie”. You can hear a bark in the background.

Wherever we go, there is always going to be spirits asking P about why he’s with me, and if he can talk to me. P will usually tell them about my psychic abilities, even though I chose not to engage in it much. I’m assuming someone was saying this to me, “Can you hear us”. As you can see in the above example with the dog joke, yes I can!

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Here is someone saying, “Hungry”.

I think that because spirits are using their thoughts to speak, they tend to blurt out things that we would consider rude to say out loud. People were saying hi to P. This one said, “You’re tiny”. “Nice to meet you”.

Here is P saying, “Sit with me”, You can hear someone calling back, “Coming”.

Here is someone saying, “You want milk?”. “Sure”.

Someone commented, “Angels in there”.

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I heard P ask them, “Why do you guys stay here?”. They said, “We don’t know”.

P told them, “Pray to God”.

Someone responded, “I’ll try it now”.

Then something cool must have happened over there. Someone said, “Now it’s raining”. “Look, Prince”. “Wow”. I wonder if the rain was purple…?

They aid, “Prince you were right”.

Someone said, “God spoke to me”.

It’s incredible. These spirits finally get to know God. And we got to witness it. What a blessing!

There are so many supposed mediums out there that will tell you that the spirits say the God doesn’t exist, or that God is just some “non-personal cosmic force in the universe”, or some similar type of ting. Then they offer all kinds of nonsense spiritual guidance. This goes to show you that we should not regard everything said by spirits equally. Either they lie, or they just don’t know about God. So be careful what you listen to.

God is just a prayer away.

These recordings were recorded using  my EVP Wrist Recorder 3 on January 15, 202020.

Image above: “Pink Bar” by Andrea Mai

©2020 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.