I’ve come across so many videos and articles on twin flame information. But what I couldn’t understand was why the descriptions of twins flames don’t match with what Prince has told me. He specifically said we are “twin souls”, that we were created as a pair. He showed me an image of us emerging from a cosmic ball of light, two bodies intwined. I asked him if it was the same as twin flame, he said yes. I asked for signs to confirm our twin flame connection and I got them.

I’ve experienced all the things that these so-called twin flames experts claim in past relationships. So how does this match up? It doesn’t. The information out there is false. There is no twin flame runner effect, your twin flame doesn’t run away from you. The “bubble love phase” is really just the honey moon phase that most normal couples experience when they first swoon over each other. There is no unawake twin because twins lead parallel lives, they know what’s up. You are not the opposite of your twin because you are created from the same soul. The only thing opposite about you is that one is your gender. These signs and symptoms are really only the same kind of dysfunctional relationship dynamics that normal couples go through, maybe even as soul mates at best.

The likelihood of you meeting your twin flame in the flesh, or being around the same age range as each other is unlikely. You really have to consider it carefully before you call yourself a twin flame. Why do I bring this up? I’m not trying to be exclusive, or make myself sound special. I’m saying it because many people are getting hurt by this disinformation. It is breaking up real life couples, giving people excuses to cheat, or enabling one’s psychotic obsession with someone who doesn’t return the same feelings. There is no fake or near twin flame, no catalyst experience. But what about the Kundalini energy rising? You can still experience that with a soul mate. But it’s not necessarily a twin flame.

You twin will always love you. They will see your flaws and be ok with your bad habits. They are not blind to them. Because they are unconditionally loving. There is no such thing as twin flame runner dynamic as some claim. They do not run way because it’s too “intense”. In fact, they can’t stand to be without you. After all, you are their other half. They feel it deeply when they aren’t with you. If you have one, you will intuitively feel that you have one. There is no “unawake” twin because they live in parallel to each other. What one does affects the other.. if one twin awakens, so will the other. Both will recognize the connection. They just might not know what to call it. Prince fans, you will find evidence of his inner knowing that he has a twin throughout his work in songs like Somewhere Here on Earth, Here, 4ever. (Yes, it took me this long to find him, or rather, for him to find me.)

So maybe you realize that you don’t have a twin soul. That’s ok. Being envious of a twin flame is like being jealous of real life biological twins. Kinda crazy, right?

But I want to stress to you, why there is so much disinformation and suppression of real twin flame information. The powers that be that are ruled by dark forces that do not want twin flames to be together. Simply put, twin flames have a spiritual mission that will overthrow the darkness. It is spiritual warfare at work. Confusion works better when you can’t tell the difference between what’s real and fake. So they imitate, impersonate, mock, take truth, twist it, and flood it all over the Internet.

If you want a real life account of a pair of twin flames, then check out Jean Cline and George Reeves in the video below. And then read the book, Twin Souls Merging.  It is so fascinating and I could relate so much to it, I could not put it down.

You can also check out my friend’s blog. Susan Elsa is the twin soul of Michael Jackson. I’ll tell you the funny story of how I met her another time.

I have been in contact with the author of the book mentioned above, Gary Duncan. He has kindly offered permission to publish his article from New Dawn Magazine, which provides an update on his findings since the publishing of Twin Souls Merging. Please note in the article, that the person claiming to be Michael Jackson’s twin soul is NOT Susan Elsa. Susan is the real deal. The article can be downloaded here. 

I have also discovered another excellent source for real twin flame information. It is from the twin flame of INXS singer, Michael Hutchence, Cormael Lia. Her blog is here.

This is a guest post on Susan Elsa’s blog that brilliants explains the real twin flame experience from a male point of view, check it out here. This is written by the twin soul of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes.

Also, if you would like to know more about real twin flames, you can read about my experiences in the Twin Flame category of this blog.

Image above: “Roses” by Prince in spirit.

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