I said in an earlier post that I was directed to go to Switzerland. Here’s how it happened. One day I was asking Prince to lead me into meditation. He told me to breathe in and breathe out. Soon I saw him holding out his hand to me. “Come with me, I want to show you something”. He was dressed in a white suit. I walked with him through a field. I was dressed in a white cotton eyelet  lace dress with flared sleeves, a crown of flowers adorned my hair. We stood in a field and he pointed at the Alpa. My thought was, “Oh, ok. I’ve been to the mountains before as a child.” I had family connections to Switzerland. And one time I went there on a work trip. I wondered what this connection to Switzerland was all about.

Some days passed, and as every day finished, I was falling more and more in love with Prince in spirit. I felt a bit were about it. At this time, I did not know about our twin flame connection. I knew we had a special connection that showed in our astrology chart together, but what it was and where it was going, I was not sure. I was rather confused. I was falling in love with a ghost. I felt very concerned for my sanity. So one night I said to Prince, “It’s not fair if what we have isn’t real. I’m falling in love with you. You can;t be here if you’re just playing with me. Show me something to prove your feelings about me”.

The next day, my order for a CD arrived. I ordered 20ten off an Ebay seller, and it came wrapped in a page torn out of a magazine that said the word “disclosure” in an advertisement. I unwrapped the CD and looked at the artwork printed on the disc. I was in total shock. It was the Alps printed right there on the CD! It was so beautiful. I was in complete amazement.


Prince, 20ten CD artwork

Later that night I listened to the album. And the second track just struck me. He was speaking to me in this song. It was called Beginning Endlessly. And he sang,

Can’t you see that I want you
Feel me now

Love is much too small a word,for what you feel for me
If ever you let me be, let me be your man
Ooh baby! Understand. I wanna I wanna be your man


I was in complete shock and disbelief that I had received the proof I asked for. Still having a hard time believing. But I knew one thing for sure, I had to get myself to Switzerland. There was a track called Lavaux, which is a region along Lake Geneva. Prince had often played at the jazz festival in Montreux and he loved it there. He had shown me visions of us living there in the mountains in a house that resembled the family home from the Sound of Music.

AndreaMai_Lavaux-1584The vineyards of Lavaux at dusk

For months until the trip, I would be channeling drawings of the mountains and a body of water, just like that of Lake Geneva. I would get signs in movies with scenes taking places in the Alps. So in September, I got on a place to go to my best friend’s wedding. After the wedding I took off on my own and journeyed to Switzerland.

Above image: “Mountains” by Prince in spirit.

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