When I first started researching Prince, I would come across Dave Chappelle’s comedy sketch of Prince. I love hearing stories of what Prince was like. I never got to meet him in life, so hearing stories about him is very comforting, like hearing stories about your ancestors. Here’s the clip of the funny Prince sketch.

What I learned about Dave Chappelle is that he turned away from his own tv deal. Many questioned why, speculating that he lost his mind. But in truth, that is what they do to you in the entertainment business when you don’t go along with the “program”- they try to make you look crazy. Just like how I  talked about the art world supporting dark art, the entertainment business has a similar agenda for mind control. From my own  empathic observations, what really happened with Chappelle is that he found himself being used by the industry to intentionally do comedy that he considered “socially irresponsible”. What I think he means to say is to create works that are racist, to continue the narrative that the dark elites want to enforce- crating division within society as part of the divide and conquer method of control. Research Agenda 21. if you want to know more. As I said in previous posts, one of the greatest issues we have going in society today is not racism, it is classism. However, the elites do not want the general public to understand this, as it would be so easy to overturn them. So they must keep you in the dark about what is really happening. The entertainment business is in the business of mind control programming. Comedians like Chappelle are being used to reinforce negative racial stereotypes through entertainment as a kind of distraction from the real issues.

If you noticed in the 2016 election, comedy was used to paint the narrative that Trump was a racist, a sexist, a homophobic, etc. They didn’t need real evidence to convince you of this, they just needed to throw labels onto these people all over the media and most people bought into it. They did not question the validity of these claims.

I found this interview that confirms everything I was sensing about Chappelle’s situation. Chappelle spoke on Oprah about what really happened. He could only say so much, but if you read between the lines, you will understand what he is really saying about the entertainment business and what they do to their artists.


As revealed on Oprah, Chapelle was constantly told by the people around him that he was going crazy. This is one of those mind control games they play in the business to get their artists to comply. If you do not go along with their agenda, they will turn on you and do their best to kill our career. Prince experienced similar tactics when he wanted to gain control of his music from the record company. Because they refused, he went out on stage writing the word “Slave” on his face, as a way to protest. The media went crazy, but never really explained what was actually going on. The same happened when he changed his name to a symbol in order to get out of the record deal he was tied to.

When I started writing this post, I wasn’t sure if I was going to publish it. I don’t like discussing negative topics, but I see how necessary that it is for people to know what’s going on so that they are not fooled. In recent days, Kanye West was said to have been hospitalized after making his statements about supporting Trump and exposing insider knowledge. I watched clips posted on YouTube. He was actually promoting peace, trying to encourage people to be accepting and get along. This is not the mark of a crazy man. I do not think it was a publicity stunt as speculated by the media. This is evident by the fact that it was his own people that turned him in. I do not like his music, but he has the right to free speech. None of what he was saying was so crazy that he needs to be “hospitalized”. But if you watched the interview video of Chappelle, you will know that what is happening to him is systematic- he is being reigned in as punishment for not going along with the agenda.

In light of all this, I asked Prince, “I know you knew a lot of what was going on in the business. Why didn’t you just come right out and expose them?” He replied, “It would have done no good. I would have been waging war with these people. These people would retaliate. You see what they are doing to Kanye, what good is it doing to be locked up? This is a battle to be fought spiritually.” Prince made it his strategic to use the system for his own gains, but not to be part of it. He made sure to keep his distance but still make his criticisms about the industry. He was able to do this by producing his work independently. And once again, I was reminded of the messages in Graffiti Bridge. The enemy never fights fair, you cannot fight fire with fire. The battle is not to be fought in the streets, it is to be fought in the mind.


Update: I saw an interview of Kanye West on Ellen, and I think it really showed what kind of person he is, not the one they portray in the media. If you remember the media at around the time this episode aired, they made him out to look crazy in the media. He might not be very cautious of how of he presents himself, but what he has to say seems genuine and intelligent.

Image above: “Confusion” by Prince in spirit.

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