When I first started writing about my experiences with Prince in spirit, I never really intended to write about twin flames. But it is a subject that many are seeking answers to, and there are few that are openly sharing their experiences. I see the damage that the false twin flames teachings has brought on. This has to stop. It has only created confusion in relationships, in what already is a complex subject on its own; it would be better to have not heard of such a thing than to know of it in its false premise. But the genie is already out of the bottle, and we can’t go back to not knowing. Most that speak on the subject are well-intentioned people. But they do not understand the subject, nor are they aware of the falsehood in the information they are sharing. Others use the subject matter for their own profit and gain, which is the worst of it all. They care not that they are false teachers of spirituality. The truth always comes out in the end. But what side of the collateral damaged you want to be on? So I write this post not to be unkind, or judgemental, but rather to show you how to be discerning of what others have told you about the twin flame subject matter. I do not write from a place of spiritual elitism, but rather it is my duty as a twin flame, to tell youth truth. Because of my twin flame connection to Prince, I have a backstage pass to the etheric realm, unlike most who are just looking from the outside and are relying on mere speculation and heresy to form an opinion.

The first issue I must address once again is that not everyone has a twin flame. The spiritual reality is that as souls, we travel together in soul groups. Within these groups, we have a our family members, our friends, our colleagues and lovers. Most people who think of soul mates are thinking of their romantic partner, their primary soul mate. As we each incarnate throughout the lifetimes, we evolve our soul’s consciousness, and our energy bodies expand. At some point a soul may decided to split into two counterparts to incarnate separately. Hence the term twin souls and what most refer to as twin flames. This is why not everyone has a twin soul. A twin soul has already been around the block and learned their lessons; they have come back here on a mission to serve humanity. However, many of these so-called twin flame experts would like you to believe otherwise, so that you will buy into their workshop or coaching service. The more people believe they are a twin flame, the bigger the market they create for their business. Notice they they will try to keep you ins suspense abut whether or not you found your twin flame, and they you should get a reading or consultation with them to confirm? Please also see this post titled, Not Everyone Has A Twin Flame.

So many believe that they have found their twin flame because of the energetic shifts they are experiencing from meeting a particular person.  They have never felt this way before with anyone else, so they assume that it is something really special and meant to be. They naturally end up searching on the Internet for answers and will come across the sea of false twin flame information. Sometimes this energetic connection is with someone who is not available, but because of the belief in twin flames, they hang on to the person, insisting that they are supposed to be together. Some even justifying their stalker behaviour with twin flame beliefs. Can you see how damaging this false belief is? Or how about a dysfunctional relationship where the couple keeps breaking up and coming back together. And one partner believes that they are twin flames, so they keep playing the same game over and over because they read on the Internet about twin flame runner dynamics. They needlessly suffer continuous heartbreak and misery just because they had a false belief.

So what is this intengse magnetic energy pull connection all about? It is soul mate connection, and it’s not necessarily meant to be romantic. You may have met in a past life, or they are in your soul group, and the energy of it pulses through you like a memory. This is why you feel a sense of familiarity and natural connection to them. But it does not mean you are destined to be together. They might only be there to teach you something, acting as a conduit. In my own experience, I have felt this twice with two different guys. So I know for a fact that this whole “if you felt this energy with this person, it’s our twin flame” thing is a lie, because you only have one twin. But again, I’ve heard so-called experts shift their theories once they’ve been caught out on a lie. So I’ve heard claims that you can have more than one twin flame. But let me ask you this; then why is it called twin flame? The word twin mean two. Not three or four.

In all honesty, I have compassion for those caught in this illusion because I was once in it myself. I was devastated from a relationship break up and I couldn’t get over it. We had this strong magnetic pull to each other and I believed that it was something more than what it really was. So I hung on to the belief that he might come back again, as he had done so in the past. I bought into the whole twin flame runner dynamic theory. And I cried many tears for this guy, who didn’t fully appreciate me. I worked very hard to develop myself spiritually and did my best to get over him. But the seed of false belief still had me clinging onto hope that he would return. Once in a while, I’d break down and cry because I missed him. The truth is, it was Prince who rescued me from this situation. When he came to me in spirit, he threw this guy out from my thoughts and severed my connection to him for good. Prince made himself known to me that he loves me and this guy wasn’t’ the guy that I thought he was. I have never looked back since and I am happy now. People who know me sense a lightness about me because my burdens have been released.

I know so many of you are absolutely convinced that you have found your twin flame. Maybe you are together right now, but I think I can safely assume that you are not and that you are holding onto hope for something to happen. Think about it, would you have been searching on the Internet about what this energetic connection you have with this person is, if you were actually with this person? I am sorry this world is so filled with lies. The real likelihood that you will meet and reunite with your twin flame on Earth is so rare that it is barely worth giving any hope to. It is something that is the exception, not the rule. And if it does happen, it would have to serve a great purpose for your mission. This is not something you can achieve with your own will using the Law of Attraction. This is either in the grand master plan or it’s not. I have written more about this subject in my post titled, Are Twin Flames Supposed To Meet and Reunite on Earth?

While it may seem as though I am bursting your love bubble, the information I am giving you is meant to heal and free you of false beliefs, and to tell you that you can have true love in your life. Your suffering comes from an illusion you are in and you have the power to remove yourself from it. Though many are telling you lies, the illusion can only continue through your own willingness to believe them. We must all be honest with ourselves and align with truth if we are to move towards enlightenment. The truth can hurt, but in the end, it is what sets you free. The secret to happiness begins within you and how you feel about yourself. Deep down, yo know what’s true, and you mustn’t deceive yourself. Your life is a reflection of your inner world. When you have taken care of the baggage internally, you will see the shift reflected in your external reality. That is when the possibilities for true love begins.

Update: I am fully aware of how this article can triggering for some people. I just revealed a truth that breaks down a belief system and told you something you probably never heard of in he twin flame realm. I never heard of it either, until it happened to me. It is happening to other people as well, but they are not going public about it. I have received comments thanking me for this information that they could not find elsewhere and others trolling me in regards to Prince. The only thing thing they question abut the information is Prince. Had I not identified him, you wouldn’t question me like this. I have chosen to identify my twin flame because I feel that real opens is necessary, also the rest of my work would not make any sense if I chose to hide who he is. People get real caught up in the concept of celebrity. They don’t see the fact that they are humans and have souls, let alone wrap around the concept that they live on in the afterlife as well. Believe me, I had a difficult time with this call to be public, I am not an attention seeker. If you have doubts about my experiences, then you can explore the rest of this blog to learn more of my experiences. If you would like more information on the twin flames subject, that I know to be genuine, then see this blog post titled, The Suppression of Real Twin Flame Information.

Image above: “Magnetism” by Prince in spirit.

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