Twin flames are the embodiment of true love. I think it’s why people are so obsessed with trying to find this mythical kind of love. Unfortunately, the majority of what people think is twin flame love isn’t what it is. Sometimes a person’s true desire for love is really just a means to feed themselves. Prince and I, we look at how relationships between people and we are so disappointed with how people treat each other. There’s no real love between people who use each other to exchange benefits. This is called conditional love. Whether it be a man using a woman for sex, or a woman using a man for money. Dating seems to be a strategic evaluation of each other to see if the other is materialistically worthy of their attention. What ever happened to getting to the desire to truly know a person’s soul? I’ve always noticed when men would approach me, it was always such a shallow interest, they didn’t care about me, as a person, to discover the core of my being.

I want to show you this song, Something In The Water, it was released in 1982 on the 1999 album. If you take a close look at the lyrics, you will realize that this song is about the broken state of male-female relationships. As his twin, I’ve unconciously felt him all my life, what he went through in relationships. His heartbreak is my hear break, and vice versa.  The hurt, the heartbreak, the disappointment. By the time I was in my 20’s I already felt jaded by the prospect of marriage. My parents are still together; but I never aspired to marry, because I knew of the real likelihood of divorce in this day and age. When I was living on my own for the first time in my mid-twenties, I dated these guys and it was the same story. No commitment. I stupidly went out with these guys, falling in love and broken in the end, when they left without any decency to say why.

Listen to this song. It’s a live recording. (Sorry, this video has taken down from YouTube)Listen to what he says in between the lyrics. He is speaking from experience. Do you feel the hurt and anger Prince expresses in these lyrics? Doesn’t it piss you off that he was treated this way? You should be pissed. It’s not only the famous that get treated this way. It is the way of the world right now.


I will just interpret a couple lines for you, because the concept pretty much runs through out the entire song, and once you get the meaning of a few lines, you get the whole thing.

Some people tell me I’ve got great legs
Can’t figure out why you make me beg
Does not compute
Don’t not compute 
You think you’re special, well so do I
Why do special women make me cry?
Does not compute 
It don’t not compute 

He is talking about the way women act a certain way when getting a man’s attention, they act kinda mean. They act with arrogance and entitlement, as if all men were unworthy of their attention. He values himself and thinks he’s a great guy, but he feels put down by the ways in which there women act. I would say that the way society acts towards men overall, is unkind and unfair. It is generally assumed that men are up to no good. There is assumed guilt before innocence. “Does not compute” is a way of saying it doesn’t make sense.

Must be something in the water they drink
It’s been the same with every girl I’ve had
Must be something in the water they drink
‘Cuz why else would a woman wanna treat a man so bad?

“Something in the water they drink” is a way of saying that they “drink the Kool-Aid”, they take in the propaganda that society feeds them. He keeps running into the same behaviour by woman, and he can’t understand why they treat him this way.

I’ve been an observer of human behaviour, and it was in my mid-twenties that I really started to examine how men and women differ in their behaviour. While there are inherent behaviours that are attributed to biological differences, there are some behaviours that I believe are programmed into society. It is not the true nature of men and women to act in the ways that they do now. If you understand social engineering, then you will know that the feminist movement is not about gender equality. It is about superseding the rights of men. Look at divorce and child custody laws, welfare and child benefits. Look at the overall general attitude that women take towards men. I remember when I dated an older guy, a girlfriend of mine suggested that I ought to milk him for buying me things, like fancy handbags and such (I was so utterly digested by such an idea). Look at the double-standards. Women expect men to share their money with them, but women don’t want to share theirs. Tell me, is this fair? Don’t you see, it’s not about equality. It’s about separating men and women, so that they work against each other, instead of working together. The kinds of attitudes that are cultivated by society, are what prevents men and women from getting along. Feminism has displaced the role of men. And now men are pretty sick of the way they are being treated. Now there is a movement called Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW). I can’t say that I blame them.

The divine truth is that men and women need each other. They are complements to each other. This was the way it was meant to be. If we can get our heads out of the material world, we can overcome these issues through spirituality and rediscover the divine feminine and the divine masculine.

Image above: “Water” by Prince in spirit.

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