Recently, we went to a specialty grocery store, and found ourselves arriving there only minutes before closing time. The shop was packed up, ready to close. And only the shop workers were there. I rushed to grab what I came for. During that time, I was recording EVP. When I got home to review the recording, here’s what I heard.

Just before entering the store, a voice in the lobby said, “What you want to eat? Come with us”.

Then another voice said, “You wanna pizza?”.

It seemed to be that they were offering to help P with whatever food he wanted to get. I heard them offering him samples, “Try this”. From what I heard, he wanted cranberries, and they went to get some for him. They acted like really helpful shop assistants, and they enjoyed it.

©2020 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.

From what I have observed doing many recordings, they do eat food in the spirit food. They eat, not out of necessity, but out of desire and habit. They do feel hunger, but it’s the kind of hunger where not eating occupies the mind, like a craving.  I will often hear spirits offering each other food. Sometimes it seems as though they have food that they can pull out of their  pockets. Once I heard a spirit offering granola bars to some “new” spirits. Sometimes, I’ve heard spirits offer coffee to P. It seems to be something that they enjoy doing for each other.

I once asked P where do they get food over there, he said, “Grocery store”. It seems that they can grab the “spiritual copy” of items. What exists here, also exists there in spirit form.

But he also explained to me, that they can materialize what they want with their thoughts. He said, “Imagine”. But what they can create is only as good as their imagination, or memory of what they want to eat, so having references like cookbooks are useful. For this clip, he spoke very fast, you will hear the original once, and then the clip will repeat with a slowed down version.

The following are some clips from earlier this year.

Here is one voice that said in a mall, “I got strawberry”.

Here is P saying, “Raspberry”.

Here is a voice that said, “Hungry, just woke up”.

Here P is being offered a drink at Michaels, “You wanna drink?”.

So, when we look back at ancient history and we find that ancient cultures buried their dead with food offerings, it was not such a silly thing after all. They do receive our offerings, as well as our thoughts for them.

I once saw a documentary of some mediumship experiments. In one demonstration, a crystal was made immaterial but visible by a spirit, and then turned back into material form. They explained that everything has a spiritual form. When people pass on, their spirit form lives on. So with this understanding, we can also conclude that resurrection, as spoken of in the Bible, is possible. The spirit form of the person can materialize here in physical form. I have talked to people who have seen apparitions of the deceased, and they can appear in a continuum of different forms. I have heard  of people having seen the ghost of a person in solid form, but it was always only very momentary. I believe that one day, on the Day of the Lord, our deceased will resurrect, with new bodies, similar to how Jesus appeared after his resurrection.

These recordings were recorded using  my EVP Wrist Recorder 3 in 2020.

Image above: “Ice cream shop” by Andrea Mai.

©2020 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.