As I’ve said in many posts before, twin flames have parallel experiences. It’s really a funny thing to discover. It is because though they may not be aware of each other, there is like some strange parallel Matrix that occurs between them. Here is one such example.

Back in my mid-twenties, I was living in England. I stayed in the town of Brighton, which to this day, I still adore. I was dating a guy and there was this one time, he came to pick me up in his car. The house I lived in was like one of those town-style houses, there is no drive way like we have here in North America. There is only street parking and it is usually full. So he came to pick me up and he called my phone to let me know he was there. I came out of the house and as I approached the car, before I could even reach the car door handle, he drove off a few feet. I walked up to the car again, and he drove another few feet. When I finally got in the car, he thought it was pretty funny. I just didn’t know what to make of it.

Only recently, I came across a cute little cartoon depiction of Prince’s Purple Rain scene and I was reminded that in the movie, he did the exact same thing to Apollonia. After she had jumped into the lake and got dressed after Prince’s cruel little joke, he told her to get on his motor bike, and as she attempts to do so, he drives off a few feet. And again. (It’s also funny, I just noticed that they also included Apollonia’s mole over her lip in her cartoon drawing. I have a mole in the same place as well)

From Prince’s Art Official Age album promo.

It is these bizarre little experiences where at the time, I was like WTF, that it makes for such a laugh now to know that it was a twin soul parallel experience.

Image above: “Purple Bike in Vevey” by Andrea Mai.

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