Time is changing. Can you feel it? The days are quickening. The way we measure time is no longer what it used to be. But the physical speed at which we do things remains the same. So it seems like things are taking longer to accomplish, because it requires more units of time.

I have two funny stories about time. One is that when I was in my twenties, I moved to England. I bought a brand new laptop with me and I set up the screensaver to show a digital clock. After I arrived, the screensaver stopped working, even when I checked to see that the setting were correct. About a year and a half had passed, and I was soon about to make plans to move back home to Canada. One day, the screensaver just suddenly started working again, out of nowhere. As if to say, “It’s time”.

The other story is a synchronicity that took place over a span of many years. My first boyfriend from high school, the first time we ever kissed, he said to me, “It’s about time”. Some many years later, another boyfriend, about to kiss me, said the exact same words. After Prince passed away, I found myself looking for secret messages in his music. A track called Time, said these exact phrase. I was baffled as to why these words gave me this strange feeling, like they were supposed to mean something important. That’s when I ended up communicating telepathically to Prince to ask him why (I do not understand why I would ever think to do such a thing, but it occurred naturally). He explained that it was a phrase given to me as a program (before incarnation), to let me know when the time has come. Time for what exactly, I would later find out; and what it was would result in writing this blog.

These days, I have both a feeling of excitement and uneasiness. I am excited for what is to come in the future. But I know that something is up. These are crucial times for humanity. This is the time where every human must decide for themselves if they wish to ascend to the new 5D reality, or if they wish to stay behind. The choice is not a matter of what you want, but rather, a vibration, what is in your heart. That determining factor is simple, do you live in service to others, or to yourself? You only need to be 51 percent in service to others to reach the threshold. The sooner one decides, the sooner we will reach critical mass, the tipping point needed to move full speed ahead. We are getting near. We can already see that the Earth’s vibrations are moving upwards in strides. The Schumann resonance that is the standard measure for the planetary frequency has moved from 7.8 to 36+ hz. Recently, I woke up with a very loud rising in my ear, it sounded like a raining stick circling rounding me. My vision blacked out temporarily as I was hit by this intense energy. Something is up.

Today, I wanted to know what is happening at this time for humanity. I pulled a tarot card. I received the Wheel of Fortune. The information transmitted to me was that karma is making its rounds to set things right. Things that are long overdue are coming to a close. The truth about everything is coming out into the light for all to see, and it is unavoidable. This moment right now, is the calm before the storm. Pay attention, things are about to get shaken up very soon.

Image above: “Butterfly Flowers” by Andrea Mai.

©2017 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.