I once heard an interview where a friend of Prince was saying that Prince told him, that many of the songs in his vault, are works that he was creating work for the future. He was writing all these songs that he knew that the people weren’t “ready for”. And this is the way I feel about my own work. Because in some ways, I am living in the future. Sometimes I get dates mixed up, thinking that we are days farer than we really are. I’ve been told, that although what I am experiencing seems pretty crazy, it will become the new normal in the future.

So I don’t fear judgement, because I know what I now is real, and others just don’t know about what I’ve seen or heard. That’s ok, my life wasn’t meant to be “typical”.

The truth about time and space, is that there is none. It is only that we lie in this Matrix, that we experience such. Once released from one’s earthly body, there is only consciousness, time and space becomes irrelevant. The distance that twin flames feel, being apart from each other, is merely an illusion.  We are together at all times, there is only lack of awareness.

This week, I did a photo shoot to express these ideas. I created an image of Prince’s face in the stars for the projection. The image of the stars comes from last year, when I was capturing images of the night sky in the French countryside. It is rare that I ever get to see the stars from where I live.

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