I hate to break it to you, but if you think you’ve met your twin flame here on Earth, you probably haven’t. I get so many people saying that so and so that they’ve met is their twin flame. They tell me their story and it has all the hallmarks of a soul mate connection. And at the same time, these people can not be faulted for their beliefs. It’s because the Internet is littered with false information. Such false information is designed by the negative forces to derail you and keep you in a deluded state. Such forces don’t want you to know about what real twin flames are. I’ve been there before, so I do not blame you if you’ve bought into the twin flame disinformation. But now I know the truth, and I tell you so that the charade doesn’t have to keep going on. (Please note, if you are a new reader, I suggest you read everything in my Twin Flames category so that you are filled in on what I am talking about. I don’t like to repeat myself in every article)

Sometimes I kick myself for not having noticed Prince when he was alive. If only this or that… There were different points in my life where I took notice of him in the media. But it never went any further than that. And that was the plan; for me to not know. Because if I did, I would have sought him out. I would have heard him calling and I would have run to him. I felt him calling out to me the first time I heard his song, Somewhere Here On Earth. And I knew that song was for me. But I just couldn’t believe such a thing at the time, so I never searched for the man behind the voice.

Once in a while, I get messages from people saying, “so and so is his twin flame, not you”. I can tell instantly that they’ve been reading too much crap on the Internet. Others will say something like, “if he was your twin, then you would have met, obviously, you’re not meant to be, so you can’t be his twin”. Well, if he wasn’t my twin, he wouldn’t be hanging around me in spirit now. He can go anywhere he chooses, you know.

Some time ago, I saw an interview that Dolores Cannon did on Project Camelot, answering the question of twin flames. It seemed that she did not want to answer much, she simply stated that if they did meet, they would become so distracted (and happy), that they would never complete any of their Earth mission. In one of her books, she says that she was told not to match up any of her ET contactees together, for they are meant to stay apart, as their energy would become diluted should they come together.

I just don’t believe that twin flames are meant to meet while they are both incarnate. It’s just not how it is. Though it doesn’t stop them from trying, or wanting it so (so much so that he sought out woman with a particular “look” that resembles mine). The truth is, Prince has always been around me, and I always around him. It’s just that we were not allowed to know of each other. I remember having a psychic reading done back in 2014, secretly inquiring about twin flames (you never tell them what they want to know). The reader told me that her spirit guides were slapping her on the hand, that I was not to know about such information. This happened again in a reading with someone else, I was told that what I was inquiring about was blocked. I would say, that any psychic claiming to be able to tell you about your twin flame is a liar (or seriously misinformed).

Now that he is in spirit, Prince has returned to his higher self and our connection is made apparent. Telepathy occurs naturally, but it was my own disbelief about such matters that makes it harder than it really is. I often hear him whispering, “I am always here. I will never leave you”.

If there is a twin flame connection between two people, it is made abundantly obvious when one is no longer incarnate. There is no speculation to be made, because the other will be there with you (and their presence announced). And you will know it. You just might not understand it. This is why I have great doubt about anyone claiming that so and so living celebrity is their twin flame. People are dangerously obsessed and there are people in the relationship coaching industry feeding this notion.  It is wrong that anyone should encourage such behaviour. This insanity must stop.

This information, I impart to you, is from what I know intuitively based on my experiences. There are only few books on this matter that tell the truth. I say it because, clearly, the world needs to know. This twin flame hype has gone on for too long. It hasn’t done any good, only to distract and mislead people into dimming their light. Today, I received word from one of my peers about source material that she found dating as far back as the 70’s, that clearly explains the twin flame phenomenon. She has written about it, and you can read it here. It describes my experience precisely. The parallel experiences, the similar appearance, the similar mannerism, similar likes and dislike, and the remarkably noticeable difference when one twin has passed on.

So will you meet your twin flame in the conventional sense? Probably not. But you are likely to meet someone very similar in the form of a soul mate (there is no such thing as fake twin flame or near twin flame, this is just made up). And I can tell you, that once you’ve met your twin flame on the other side, it doesn’t make life any easier. It brings in immense true love, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else (not even for a “real life” partner). But it complicates life here on Earth, as you become caught in between worlds. And at the same time, it’s necessary, so that you can remember to do your mission (and not faff around in the Matrix).

An analogy that I almost forgot to mention…

Think of it this way; life is like a video game, the two twin soul players are both incarnated, so their consciousness is wholly focused on the game, though they are both always connected. When one twin player is out of the game, he or she will have regained full consciousness and can place its focus on its twin, acting as a guide for the other. However, the twin that is still in the game may not so much as notice its twin until a later time, as their consciousness is just too deep in the game to notice. Only until their sense of spirituality, or at least psychic ability has developed, will contact be made obvious.

Image above: “Hearts” by Prince in spirit.

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