I never imagined that I would be experiencing the kinds of things I do, nor that I would be writing about them. Prince, showing up in spirit was a complete shocker to me. There are some things that are total life changers. This is one of them. I can understand if anyone wants to doubt me, for my experiences are so extraordinary. But it is for this exact same reason that I must speak about them. Because we, as humanity, are on a paradigm shift. And the truth about reality must be known.

Back in 2013, I was in a relationship that I could not understand what this attraction was. It felt magnetic. It felt electric. This person could not leave my mind. And yet, this relationship could not function. And of course, like anyone out there, I went searching online for answers. I could come across websites and videos about this thing called “twin flame”. And what they were describing was like they were describing this relationship. The “twin flame runner”, an attraction so intense that the other runs scared, a relationship that keeps coming and going. Kind of like what Carrie and Big were in Sex and The City. And people would say, when both of you have done the “work” you will be reunited once again for good. So I held on for dear life, that perhaps one, he might come back.

Well, he never did.

Looking back, I realized that this wasn’t the kind of mythological love people were speaking of, despite all the sign and symptoms I was told about. Actually, what people described twin flames are, isn’t even it at all!And that’s the thing, people on the Internet have no idea what they are talking about. These people aren’t even speaking from experience, let alone true knowledge (and don’t be fooled by the ones claiming that they are the ones with real info).

There is something so wrong, so very ill, about what people believe about love. Humans have become conditioned to this kind of tragic love story seen in movies and novels, that they would mistake a dysfunctional relationship for the ultimate romance.

I only ever speak from experience and what I know to be true. What I can tell you, that the majority of people giving out information about twin flames haven’t a clue. And this is why there is so much confusion. And that is the ultimate deception, designed to keep the truth from coming out. So that genuine twin flames may never connect. Make what is genuine into something totally taboo so that the truth will be ignored.

Most people who believe that they are having a “twin flame connections”, are actually having a soul mate experience. One should never drop a soul mate in search of their twin flame (because it doesn’t work that way). These relationships are important to fulfill until they have served its purpose, however long that may be. I might even be so bold as to say that twin flame connections aren’t meant to play out in the 3D world, in the flesh (honestly, the jury is still out on that one, until I have definitive proof that there are twin flame unions where both are incarnate). And the other thing is, that soul mates will have some semblance to one’s twin flame, there are these perceivably  very bizarre similarities, that one might mistake a soul mate for a twin flame.

Twin flames, as most people call it, I prefer twin souls, as that was the term used by Prince to describe us. It is love perfected. This love is divine; it only grows with time. There is no drama, there are only dramatic grand gestures of love. It is a love so pure, that it is indescribable, unforgettable, life changing. It doesn’t end in tragedy, for it is infinite. This love is from the 5D and beyond, not this earthly plane. The twin flames come here to bring this vibration to the planet, that is their propose. This is why it is such an other worldly experience. What I describe to you sounds so unreal, that one might question my sanity. I tell you, this kind of love exists, but it’s not what you think it is. You can not know unless it happens to you. And perhaps that is why it was once better left unsaid. But now the twin flame hype has gotten so out of control, that something must be said.

Before I met Prince in spirit, my other soul half, I was burdened with worry, uncertainty, uneasiness, and sadness. Since our meeting, I am genuinely happy, despite all the horrible things that happen in this world, I feel lighter and at peace. People always remark that I must be Buddhist, because I am “so zen”, so in the flow. This twin soul thing, all I can say, is that it’s part of my life’s work; it’s why I write about it, why it’s in my art, and I won’t stop.

Image above: “Love to Infinity” by Prince in spirit.

©2017 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.