Ever since I began to connect with other twin soul experiencers, I have learned so much in hearing about their experiences. I have come to see a common pattern among the cases that I’ve encountered. As I speak to new contacts, their experiences become somewhat predictable to me, in a sense. When I talk to new experiencers, I do not tell them too much. Instead, I listen carefully to their story and observe their reactions. I share some of my experiences, but I never say too much. They often end up telling me things that are true in my experience, or of other cases I’ve studied. This is how I know what they are telling me is true. There are some things I reserve to only share with other experiencers.  I also get a lot of emails from people claiming to have found their twin flame, but I do not concur, as what they describe to me is a different animal all together. It is like if you claimed that a little house cat was a lion. Totally different things, though they have similarities.

My first contact with another twin pair was Susan Elsa. She directed me to a book called Twin Souls MergingThis book is the first of its kind. It is a well documented case study of the twin souls, George Reeves and Jean Cline. Following Susan’s advice, I picked up the book on Kindle and read it within a day. This book is so well detailed and captivating, I could not put it down. The more I read, the more I needed to find out what would happen next.

The book is written like a diary of events that are happening from the perspective of Jean Cline and her friend, a parapsychologist, Gary Duncan. I have to say, I loved reading Jean’s account of her experiences. As a twin soul experiencer myself, I found that the process she went through was very much similar to mine. So I related to her on a deep level. I knew that what she was reporting in her diaries were true (it takes one to know one). Knowing that she was telling the truth, and not at all delusional, it made it very difficult for me to read Gary’s account. It serves the book well to prove the science behind it all. His skepticism meant he made sure every stone was unturned before drawing a conclusion. But his level of skepticism made me want to shout at him as I read the book. He would later come to the conclusion that Jean’s experience was genuine, and I would be thinking, “I told you so!”

I highly recommend this book, not only for other twin soul experiencers, but anyone who believes in the concept of twin flames (you will find the real spiritual truth about it here), and also anyone who wishes to explore the subject of what the afterlife is. This book is spiritually expansive and will challenge your beliefs abut death. The book validated my experiences.

From the New Dawn article by Gary Duncan

In the book, you will find photographs of Jean Cline and George Reeves in a side by side comparison (you can also see photos in the New Dawn article linked below). You will see just how much alike they appear. This is the one thing that I find among all my twin soul contacts, they look like their twin soul counterpart. Jean is said to be slowly shape shifting, appearing more and more like George, and she appears more masculine as a result of their merging. After I read the book, I contacted Gary Duncan, as I wanted to study their astrology. What I found interesting is that both of their natal Mars are in direct conjunction with each other, so I would presume that the reason for her changing looks, becoming more masculine, is explained by this astrological alignment. You see, Mars represents masculine energy and the physical body. The merging of their energies would theoretically create an intensification of masculine energy.

The evidence is very clear to me that twin souls is a real phenomenon. All the stories from the  cases I have come across remain consistent in all respects. These new contacts may not understand what they are going through, but as they tell their story to me, I can see what is going on and what types of information that is about to be revealed to them in their experience.

My hope, writing this blog, presenting information to you, is to educate the public on something that is really happening. The twin flame “thing” on the Internet has gotten really out of hand, and I see the damage it is causing to real relationships. The stories I’ve seen on the Internet, they are full of more drama than a soap opera. It is only about to get worse, as the term “twin flame” entered the vernacular of the mainstream media. The confusion is all caused by false information that is continually passed around.

So today, I am presenting some very important information to you, for the purposes of education and research, in the following links. First, I am posting two radio show clips of interviews of Jean Cline and Gary Duncan. I have trimmed the original recordings for the sake of getting to the point. If you would like to download the original, go to the links below. Also, I am linking for you, a PDF of an article that Gary asked me to post.

The official website for the book is www.twinsoulsmerging.com. This site is no longer available.

Namaste Beloved – 2008

The Conspiracy Show – Fen 9, 2014

PDF New Dawn Article by Gary Duncan

Book: Twin Souls Merging

Image above: “Twin Souls” by Prince in spirit.

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