I’ve been following what goes on in the spiritual community for quite some time. I think a lot of whats out there is great for getting people exposed to spiritual topics. Many people are working on living a spiritual lifestyle. However, I find one crucial topic that is overlooked is Ascension. Ascension is not something to put on the back burner. It is now. It is happening.

I just found a presentation that confirmed everything that I have pieced together on my own about Ascension. Hidden among most religious teachings are the secrets of the human transformation into beings of light. The stories throughout time have been told in different words and explained within the context of the religion; but they all point in the same direction for what is the destiny of humanity. This time has come. We are all to ascend on a massive level for the first time in history. Prophets of the past have always demonstrated the attainment of their light body, acting as a role model, a demonstration of wha the human potential is. However throughout time, the dark forces have made its own efforts to try to foil this plan. For if humanity is to ascend, they would lose control. So teachings have been covered up. Lies told. Teaching fear instead of love. All while discouraging anyone to think for themselves.

This is a preview of the video I watched. You can find it on Gaia TV. It is based on the book by William Henry, The Watchers; The Lost Secrets of Ascension, Resurrection and Perfection. 

The resurrection of Jesus was a demonstration of attaining his light body. If you read the story in the Bible of Mary looking for Jesus’ dead body in his tomb and not finding it, she sees Jesus, but does not recognize him in his body of light. In some Christian faiths, they talk about the mystical rapture. This would be the same thing but using different words. Traditionally, a saint is someone who ascended.

What you have to understand is that spiritual truth is universal. The words don’t matters. It is its meaning that counts. So one must remain open minded.

In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, the master attains what they call a Rainbow Body. The rainbow is a bridge between Heaven and Earth. Once they attain their Rainbow Body, they can then switch between planes of existence and manipulate matter. If you want to understand more about the Rainbow Body, then watch this video by David Wilcock for a greater explanation and evidence.

I also want to point out, that if you have ever studied the Chakras, have you noticed that the colours form a rainbow? Is is by activating the Chakras that one begins to set the motion for attaining their light body. The Chakras are the energy centres in the body, they spin like a wheel, causing one to reach a higher energy vibration. At some point, this will cause a Kundalini Awakening. One’s energy will vibrate faster and faster.

So what is the point of Ascension? It is to raise one’s energetic vibration, reaching a critical mass and collectively crossing the bridge to Heaven and attaining one’s body of light while still in the physical body. The end goal is Heaven on Earth. Some people are calling this the Fifth Dimension, or 5D.

Some people are very uncomfortable with this idea of going to Heaven. They think they will miss what they have now. But if you realize the corruption that has taken place on this planet, you will realize this is not what was meant for us. Heaven on Earth is a place that is in complete harmony. There is no negativity. We create with our thoughts what we desire. We can communicate telepathically and travel in an instant, like on Star Trek. This is reaching Heaven without dying.

The process of Ascension is to activate one’s own energy centres and elevate their energetic vibration by emanating love and becoming spiritually wiser in the process. In this process, one’s heart centre opens and intuition is heightened. As one does so, their energy will rise further and this higher vibration will spill out to others, causing other people around you to to raise their vibration. Ever notice how someone in a good mood can uplift a room full of people? It is as simple as that. This is why it’s so important to maintain a high vibration. We affect each other energetically. We are all connected.

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