You know when I say that I am caught between worlds, the 3D reality and the other side? This is what it’s like. I just had an experience of it this late afternoon, and it’s still fresh in my mind. (If you are a new reader to this blog, you will be totally lost, read some earlier Twin Flame posts before reading any further. Sorry, I don’t like to repeat my background story in every post).

I had a horrible night’s sleep, so I needed to try and get some rest. I laid in bed, and as I started to relax, my mind drifted. I fell into a hypnotic state. (If you’ve ever been under hypnosis, it’s like between the dream state and the waking world.) A vision of Prince started to appear in black and white, like a photo. He looked so happy with a grin on his face, holding a cute puppy. It’s the biggest smile you can ever imagine him having. Suddenly I am there with him. He is holding my hand, kissing me. We are in the countryside, a raunch. We walk along a pebble pathway and he is throwing stick for his dogs to fetch. He is dressed in a loose white linen top and pants. The top is embroidered, huge mandarin collar, in a style like what he wore circa 2006. I am wearing a loose flowing Grecian-style dress.

Time here, does not exist. It is like a movie, one scene effortlessly cuts to another. You can see things in first person, third person, etc.

Suddenly the scene shifts and we are riding horses, galloping wildly on the ranch. It is exhilerating. Then we are inside his house. We are in the kitchen. He has the kettle on. The house is somewhere between a modern-style house and a cozy country cottage. We are having tea at the kitchen table. He looks at me sweetly, holding my hand. Kisses me (I feel the kiss in 3D). And I begin to feel myself holding back tears. He picks me up, like a knight in shining armour, and takes me to the living room couch, in front of a fireplace. He says that he is “happy when I visit his world”, as normally, he is in mine. He says to me, “you are my happy ever after”. At this point I can not contain the tears, and I am crying profusely. We don’t need to speak, we simply share thoughts and feelings telepathically to communicate. I tell  him that I am “crying because of love, not pain”. His reply is tears of happiness; “now, you’re  making me cry”. I apologize because I can’t stop. My heart is feeling it intensely. What I am describing to you, the crying, the feelings it is all happening in real time. The tears are real. I see him wiping away my tears as I am wiping them away here in 3D. My eyes are open, aware of the 3D surroundings of my bedroom, but my mind, my conscious being, is in he other world simultaneously.

Image above: “You” by Prince in spirit.

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