These days I am in somewhat of a hibernation mode. I am reading, researching, reflecting. I am diving deeper into metaphysical concepts to further explore the concept of twin souls and how it works; why is it that only few that actually experience this phenomenon.

One of the materials I studied in regards to inter-life regression (life between lives) is that of Michael Newton. I read The Destiny of Souls. While I found it fascinating, but by the time I finished, I felt dissatisfied by the answers offered in the book. Not that the information was incorrect, but rather, they didn’t resonate with me personally. To me, the idea of an eternal cycle of reincarnation to learn life lessons felt trivial. It makes life seem like some kind of game. And if this were the case, why is there any urgency about the uplifting Earth’s vibration to free humanity from the turmoil? Is it all just some game where someone has to play the bad guy for there to be a game at all? This did not sit right with me, as I felt that there has to be more to the story.

Then things started to make sense when I started exploring the work of Dolores Cannon. Her regression work looks into the concept of extra-terestral life and the idea of what she calls Starseeds. Starseeds are souls, whose home planet is not Earth. They incarnate on Earth at this time to be of service to humanity, to aid in the Ascension process.

Recently, I started reading The Law of One series of books, which contains the concept of Wanderers.  According to this material, Wanderers are higher density beings, sous that are of 4th, 5th, or 6th density who have incarnated here on Earth into 3rd density. They are volunteers who come in service to humanity during what the books refers to as the “harvest”, the graduation of souls from one density to the next. The Wanderers presence is meant to help increase the numbers of souls for graduation. Earth is in the process of graduating from 3rd density to 4th density.

I have always felt different, like I didn’t quite belong. Not because of any superficial differences such as race, disability or personal traits. I just never felt that sense of belonging to this planet. I felt like an outsider, because I find that the plight of the human condition frustrating.

And then it was confirmed to me in the reading with Starla, that I really wasn’t from around here. I didn’t included this part in the disclosure video. But basically, it was conveyed to me that Prince and I come from the stars. (If you are new to this blog, my twin flame is Prince)

Prince’s album, Planet Earth contained cryptic messages to me. One of them was Lion of Judah, where he says;

“Hoping that the tears roll down ur  face when u finally grasp who we r
2 gypsy bandits who only by  grace came 2 b a star,
A superstar– that’s what we r.”

Within these line, it’s made clear to me that we are Wanderers (in his words, “gypsy bandits”). Prince had always conveyed throughout his work, his sense of not belonging in songs like Way Back Home, Here On Earth, Uptown, Beginning Endlessly.

Another little clue he gave was when he sang the words “Star Nation” at the end of the song, Mountains from the Parade album. Star Nations, if you didn’t know, refers an alliance of other advanced civilizations in the galaxy. I have heard others refer to this as the Confederation, or Galactic Alliance.

It is not unusual for Wanderers to exhibit extraordinary talents, as starng their gifts are a part of their individual missions. To the awakened Wanderer, personal day to day life is of lesser importance as they place grater significance on achieving goals of the “bigger picture”. A well-known example of a Wanderer is Nikola Tesla, whose attempt to give the world free energy, had it been successful would have freed humanity from material enslavement and given humanity the opportunity to aspire to greater spiritual development.   However, the negative forces prevented this by suppressing the technology.

After reading The Law of One material, it is my conclusion  that the twin flame experience is that of souls from a higher spiritual density, meaning souls that are further along on the spiritual evolution. As Wanderers, they incarnate at this time to uplift the Earth’s energies and perform their individual missions. They are not here to live the typical life. And this is why it is a rare occurrence that they should meet on Earth, Wanderers are only a small percentage of the overall population. And I would say, if they are to meet at all, it has some purpose to it regarding their mission.

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