Some time ago, I saw some Jimi Hendrix movie, and P said he already saw it. Of course, he did. He loved Jimi. I was going through my own Jimi phase in discovering his music and fashion.

Last month, we watched Zootopia. I decided to record EVP at the beginning just to see what P’s reaction would be. It’s a cartoon movie by Disney.

I caught some clips of him commenting before the movie. I tested these on my laptop speakers, they are audible, but they are definitely clearer if you listen with headphones. They re repeated on loop.

Here he says, “Never seen this one. Just wanted to”. This was at the start when they show the Cinderella castle animation.


Then he sang along with the music, “When you wish upon a star”.

And right before the movie starts, a short animation of old fashioned Mickey Mouse on a boat appears. P said, “Mickey Mouse”,

Overall, I did enjoy the movie, but I noticed a lot of political messaging, which I did not appreciate. I wish they would stop trying to socially engineer the children with political correctness.

So, do spirits watch movies and enjoy entertainment from this side? Yes. There was one time where I heard a conversation between two spirits. One spirit mentioning to the other that he was going somewhere to listen to The Shadow. I think he was referring to the old time radio mystery drama.

I once heard some so-called medium claim that spirits don’t have eyes to see things here. That is just utter nonsense. I think she was making an excuse to cover up her inability. Which is what a lot of mediums do, and this is how a lot of dubious spiritual teachings get spread around. This is why I do my blog. I want to share genuine observations with you, not speculations or made up theories advertised as truth.

These recordings were recorded using  my EVP Wrist Recorder 3 on December 6, 2019.

Image above: “Cosmic Eye” by Andrea Mai.

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