Earlier this month, I travelled to China and Malaysia. I got lots of photos and EVPs. I’ve been posting some photos straight from the camera (no editing) on my Facebook page. You can tell which ones they are by the hand written signature in the corner, as opposed to my usual watermark. It’s going to take me some time to get through the EVPs and I don’t necessarily review them in order. I tend to just dive into whatever interests me at the moment.

We spent some time in Malaysia, where my mother’s family is from. I had not visited there in a long time. My favourite thing about Malaysia is the food. But what I hate most is the weather. The heat and humidity, the constant sweating makes me feel like I’m in a sauna all the time

One of my favourite thing to have there is fresh coconut water. I remember from my childhood, my aunts bringing me fresh coconuts from the local street vendor. Sipping the water with a straw, and then getting to scoop out the coconut meat was a treat. We went to a place to have coconut and durian fruit.

I was recording EVP. It was raining quite hard, so it affected the recording quality. fortunately, I was able to filter out to background noise to hear what was going on the other side. You may need to use headphones to hear these properly. The clips are repeated on loop.

Whoever we go, Prince is often recognized and I keep hearing on the recordings, “Are you Prince?”. For once I heard, “Who are you?”. Prince replied, ” I am Prince”. They asked “You drink coco?” (referring to coconut water). Prince replied, “Yeah, I love it!”

I think this confused the inquirer, because then he asked, “Are you a prince?“. P replied “No, it’s my name”.

He told them, “I am Prince Rogers Nelson”. I think they were still confused, because they asked again “You are a prince?”. He replied “Noooo”.

L:after, someone who recognized him, showed up and said, “He’s a rock musician, very famous”. This clip was disrupted by a voice that spoke on top of the part that said “very famous”, but you can still hear it.

I found this clip very amusing, someone said, “Who let the dog out”, and you can hear a bark. If you have never been to, or know much about Malaysia, it is full of outdoor food vendors. There will often be tarps or tents erected over patio furniture for customers to eat on. We were in a tented market selling coconuts and durian. No dogs in sight.

In this clip, we were going to be leaving soon, someone called out to him, “Prince, you got ice cream?”. He replied “Yeah”. This confirmed what I had heard earlier on the recording but couldn’t make out very clearly. I heard they were having ice cream (I’m so envious!). I guess they wanted to make sure he got some. Thinking back to eating durian, I was thinking how the fresh durian would make for some nice ice cream using my ice cream maker. I don’t actually like durian fruit, but I think it’s nice as a flavour, if that makes sense. It’s like the different between eating raw cacao bean  as opposed to chocolate.

In this last clip, I caught P saying “I love you so much, Andrea”. It really sounds like him in this one, which, if you follow my work, I have said before, that it is rare that they sound like themselves in most recordings it sounds like them. So I am really grateful for this one.

I have often wondered in what places P might not be recognized in. I often hear him getting mobbed by spirits who notice him, and I feel bad that I cannot prevent it. This place was cool, they were curious about him, but didn’t chase him for his fame.

These recordings were recorded using  my EVP Wrist Recorder 3 on November 11, 2018.

Image above: “Coconuts” by Andrea Mai

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