After doing EVP where I’d ask questions to Prince, I started leaving the recorder on for much longer periods of time to see what would happen. I would put music on in the room to amplify his voice. I thought I’d only hear him talking to me, or commenting as I was working on something. To my surprise, we were getting many unexpected visitors. I learned that we had body guards/spirit guides with us. I would hear conversations between Prince and them. I would also hear conversations about us from the body guards with other spirits. I was a little surprised to learn that even those in the spirit world were inquiring about what twin souls are. Clearly, even the spirit world is confused about the subject of twin souls. From my recordings, I learned that there were lies being spread about twin souls.

There has been so much confusion about twin souls here on this side. So many lies, so many misrepresentations. Is it any wonder that even the other side is confused too? I mean, when people die, they take the same knowledge they had in life with them. They seek out information on the Internet just like the living do (as bizarre as that sounds!), and as well as among their peers. There’s a kind of assumption that souls become enlightened when they die. The reality is that they have an expanded point of view, but that doesn’t make them enlightened or that they have all the answers. They can get it wrong, just like living people do. They can be confused and make mistakes over there too.

The following are transcripts of some dialog that I discovered on my recordings. They reveal some truths about twin souls. They confirm what I knew all along since being in telepathic communication with Prince. It’s what I’ve been saying all along. It goes against all the mainstream information that is on the subject of twin flames. But I have proof now. I am only posting some of the audio because these are the most important bits and not all of the conversation is as good quality as I’d like. And also, not everyone is well attuned enough to be able to hear it all, so I am making it easier by making these samples short and on loop. As per usual, I advise that you should listen carefully with good quality headphones.

March 16, 2018
This conversation took place between a young man that approached Prince. Apparently, he found us on the Internet.

“Hello Prince. Can I talk to you?”
“Do I have a twin soul? How do you know if you have a twin.”
“How should I know.”
“Can you tell me how you met your twin soul?”
“Not everyone haas a twin soul. If you are a twin soul, you will find them when you die. I found her when I died, when I died I was in her room, you know the way to your twin soul.”

In this recording, Prince says “Not everyone has a twin“. The song in the background is Father’s Song from The Purple Rain Deluxe Edition.

March 18, 2018
This conversation was amongst several unidentified spirits. This is what I mean when there are spirits around that you just don’t know about… (and why you need to cleanse your house).

“Twin souls are two halves of the same soul.”
“I don’t know (how) they work. How are they twin souls?”
“Twin souls are rare.”
“Someone tricked me.”
“They light up the entire planet.”

In this recording, an unidentified spirit is saying “Twin souls are rare“. This one might be a bit harder to hear as there were other spirits talking over each other.

March 20, 2018
This conversation appeared to take place between one of our body guards and a young man who was a biological twin who was confused about the matter of twin souls.

“I am so confused about twin souls, how it work.”
” You were born a twin boy.  They are twin souls made by God.”
“Now I finally understand, they are twin souls.”
” You are a very respective young man.”
“I don’t have a twin either.”
“You’re a twin brother, your sou family is your twin brother.”
” They are twin souls, a pair of lovers made by God. When Prince died, he saw her in her room and knew they are twin souls.”

In this recording, one of our body guards is saying “They are twin souls“. The song in the background is Xcogitate from the Expectation album by Prince.

Image above: “Two Hearts On Mont Blanc” by Andrea Mai.

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