Sorry I’ve been away fora bit. I’ve been on a crazy awesome journey where I met Prince, His Royal Badness. A huge lesson that I think we;re missing in the spiritual community is EMBODIMENT. We get so caught up nurturing our spirituality that we forget that we need to face the real world. The physical being, the temple that keeps us here on Earth. I had been so busy in my own inner world that I forget to pay attention to what’s outside of me. One thing among followers of The Secret and Law of Attraction that I think is really missing in the guidance is that it’s not enough to just feel it or believe it. You must EMBODY it. You must take your emotions and desires into your physical being and that is when magic happens. Take inspired action. Don’t sit around waiting. It really doesn’t work that way. We’re not in a place where thinking it into existence occurs easily. It must be met with action to drive it forward. Life is a SHOW for us to PLAY our our DREAMS. Live your life like it’s a movie you want to watch. What are you waiting for? You only get to be in THIS life once.

Photography is one of the most powerful ways to move your forward to becoming the person you wish to be. Because it helps you to EMBODY our DREAMS. Playing out the role you desire and capturing it for yourself to see reinforces your desired self-image. I’d love to create your VISION with you. I’m in Toronto, but I can travel to where you are. Contact me here.

P/S There really is life after you leave this world!