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Last night I watched Funny Girl for the first time, and there was a scene in there where I got this intense visceral feeling that this scene was were P got the inspiration from when he wrote Dance 4 Me.  “I like it when I hear a knock on my door. You are standing there in your Christian Dior. Dark sunglasses in the pale moonlight. I like it when the scene is right. You can take your wrap and lay it on the chair. If anybody finds it I don’t care.” I’ve always imagined the Christian Dior as a blue blue dress. In the Funny Girl, there’s a scene where Fanny shows up at Nick’s room wearing a huge wrap covering her whole body. He offers to take it for her, and in dramatic fashion, she lets go of the wrap and drops it to the floor. He picks it up and places it on a nearby chair.

So I was reminded to post the second part of this list of DVDs Prince had.

I was able to find another photo from Paisley Park that showed more of Prince’s DVD collection. I couldn’t read all the titles from it, but I was able to make out some. There was also a photo of an Amazon packing list that showed some DVDs that were ordered.  Some of these titles do not have links because either they are not available, or I do not know which one it is, this were the case for the music related titles.

Three Amigos

The Way We Were

Coming To America

Funny Girl

Swept Away

The Nutty Professor

Art of Rap

Duke Ellington

Curtis Mayfield

Montreux Jazz Festival 1993 Al Green

Montreux Jazz Festival 1986 (?) Anita Baker and George Duke

The Painted Veil

The Dick Caveat Show, Rock Icons

Rhythm, Love and Soul

W.C. Fields Comedy Collective Volume 1

It’s a Wonderful Life

Dangerous Liaisons

Average White Band

Bend It Like Beckham

La Dolce Vita

Maceo Parker

Hot Hot Heat (?)


If you are knowing of Prince’s lyrics, you will notice on the list, It’s a Wonderful Life. Prince made reference to that movie in All The Midnights In The World on the Planet Earth album, “Like Zuzu’s petals, a wonderful life the two of us shall lead”. He was referring to the flower petals that were in George’s pocket when he realized that he existed after the angel had shown him how things would have turned out if he was never born.

I wish there were more of these records from Paisley Park that would tell us more of what books and movies P was into. Any person who is seriously studying his work should be looking at the sort of materials he was looking at. That is where you are going to see what he was inspired by when he wrote his music. You can see that he was inspired by old movies and musicians from previous generations.

I know that he loved The Matrix movies. These are just the tiles I could read from the photos. There were a lot more DVD cases scattered around Paisley Park, but they were not legible in the photos. If you know of more film or book titles, I’d love to know.

I wish I could do a list of CDs, but they are too hard to read from the photos. I was able to identify one of them, which was A Decade Of Steely Dan. I get the sense that the kind of humour found in Steely Dan lyrics rubbed of on Prince.

Be sure to check out Part 1 if you missed it.

Updated December 2, 2019.

Image above: “Paisley Park” courtesy of Carver Country.

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